Google I/O 2012 Kick Off: Pics and Highlights

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Google I/O 2012 Kick Off: Pics and Highlights

Hi All,

We had an incredible time yesterday meeting developers and playing with futuristic toys at Google’s annual IO conference in San Francisco. From the keynote to the after party, the day was exciting to say the least.

Google Glasses

If you haven’t witnessed Sergey Brin’s brilliant glasses skydiving stunt, check out this video.

Parrot AR Drones

One of the coolest gadgets flying (literally) around the conference was the Parrot AR Drone,  a lightweight remote controlled flying device with a front-mounted camera. What’s next? Drones that can scan barcodes? Check it out:

The best part is–there are still 2 full days of action left! We’ll be tweeting live today during the keynote starting at 10am MST. Be sure to tune in!