Transforming Supply Chain Operations Through Cloud-Connected Mobile Devices

| Manufacturing

containers in shipyard

On March 2nd, we’ll be attending the GS1 Forum Logistics & Supply Chain to discuss digitization in the supply chain. At the forum, industry leaders like Scandit will gather to discuss the innovative technologies that are transforming supply chain operations from manufacturing to last-mile delivery, and every step in between.

Scandit CEO Dr. Samuel Mueller will be speaking on transforming supply chain operations through cloud-connected mobile devices. From smartphones, to wearable devices, to drones, the latest smart devices present logistics and supply chain enterprises with enhanced tools and functionality, real-time business intelligence and ever-increasing computing performance to drive business success in new ways. Leveraging the experience of working with national and global manufacturers, wholesalers and logistics enterprises such as Siemens, Würth and Swiss Federal Railways, Dr. Mueller will discuss how mobile devices can be used to streamline processes, lower costs and transform the supply chain.