Helthjem, Norway’s Largest Media Group, Speeds up Deliveries with Scandit Smartphone Scanning

Helthjem’s barcode scanning delivery app will be available in stores throughout Norway

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Helthjem, Norway’s Largest Media Group, Speeds up Deliveries with Scandit Smartphone Scanning

Zurich, Switzerland – June 15, 2020 Scandit, the leading technology platform for mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR) solutions for enterprises, today announced that Helthjem – the largest media group in Norway – began rollout of a new smartphone scanning app for deliveries, powered by Scandit’s barcode scanning software.

Helthjem is active in the fast-growing home delivery market in Norway, making 1.3 million deliveries each day of magazines, newspapers, books and small packages, through a network of 3,500 couriers.

Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK was used to add high-performance barcode scanning to the mobile app to enable PUDO (pick-up and drop-off) in stores across Norway. Employees use a Samsung mobile device to scan parcels when received and picked up by customers. By streamlining the scanning process, customers are able to get in and out of the store quickly.

Helthjem’s rollout with Scandit will take place from June 2020 to April 2021. They estimate by the end of 2020, stores all over Norway will be equipped with a smartphone and the Scandit-powered PUDO app.

“Throughout our testing of different scanning solutions, we were looking for scan speed and accuracy in a lean, viable product,” said Fredrik Stavik, business developer in Helthjem. “Scandit has delivered in every way to exceed our main business KPIs: speed of service and customer experience.”

“For a post and parcel provider like Helthjem, speed has to be a part of everything that they do to meet high customer expectations,” said Samuel Mueller, CEO of Scandit. “Mobile scanning makes it possible to get the job done quickly, whether it’s at a PUDO location or anywhere else.”

Helthjem’s unique digital delivery technology used across the whole network, provides customers with a tracking service all the way to delivery.


Watch this video to see Scandit in action: