Insights into the Mobile Enterprise: Appcelerator Q3 Enterprise Mobility Report

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Each fiscal quarter, Appcelerator surveys enterprise companies to learn more about how enterprises are utilizing mobile, and what their plans for the future are. From August 12-23, 2013, Appcelerator surveyed over 804 companies of various sizes, geographies and industries. Here’s a brief summary of some their findings:

– 88% of companies report that UX matters as much in B2E/B2B apps as it does in B2C apps

– 50% of companies plan to build applications for a private enterprise app store

– 40% of companies plan to invest in opening up mobile specific APIs

– 62% of companies are supporting three or more operating systems

– Only 15% of companies employ or plan to employ a single mobility leader (VP, director, etc)

– 60% of companies admit that in terms of mobile they are vulnerable to competition 

Be sure to read the full report for all the juicy details.

This chart illustrates which types and quantities of apps these companies are planning to build:


and this chart illustrates the popularity of different mobile platforms and form factors:


For more insights and analysis access the full Appcelerator Q3 Enterprise Mobility survey here.