Making a Stronger Case for Smartphone Scanning in the Enterprise

| Retail

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There are a lot of good reasons to use consumer-grade smartphones for professional scanning. They deliver substantial cost savings per unit compared to dedicated mobile scanning devices. Consumer-grade devices are more familiar. In addition, they have a higher overall quality of performance and can be customized easily and quickly. But sometimes professional environments can be challenging for a conventional smartphone. Scanning scenarios may require a degree of ruggedness, ergonomics or durability that go beyond the capabilities of consumer grade.

Traditionally, companies faced with these types of scanning requirements use dedicated mobile scanners. They sacrifice performance, versatility and ease of use in exchange for sheer resilience. However, the emergence of ruggedized sleds, or physical cases that protect consumer-grade devices while enabling enterprise-grade scanning capabilities, have changed the scanning landscape.

In response to these needs, Scandit offers the Scandit Case. The Scandit Case protects smartphones while allowing them to be used for scanning in the most difficult of circumstances. Working in conjunction with an app built on the Scandit SDK or a customizable Scandit Flow mobile solution, the Scandit Case extends device lifecycle and greatly reduces the cost of maintenance and upkeep.

The Scandit Case is not the only product of its type on the market. However, it does offer several unique benefits. Most significantly, the Case itself does not require any additional electrical components. It is the only product of its kind to leverage a smartphone’s existing camera and flash. Thus no need for any additional built-in imager or laser scanner.

It also fully integrates with Scandit scanning software. As a result, the Scandit Case is significantly less expensive than similar products. Leveraging Scandit software, it offers speed, quality and performance equivalent to dedicated scanners.

The Scandit Case can be utilized by almost any industry for any scanning use case. Let’s briefly examine how it might prove beneficial in logistics and retail.

The ergonomic scan case enables logistics companies to effectively and inexpensively scan vast quantities of inventory movement. The rugged, integrated and affordable Case allows warehouse or distribution center workers to safely employ smartphones for scanning. In transit, drivers can scan their loads at certain intervals to ensure no products “fall off the truck.”

Alternatively, the Scandit Case can provide benefits to harried delivery couriers and their customers. We are all familiar with the clunky dedicated scanning devices many couriers use today. They are bulky, awkward and frequently require multiple scan attempts. All the while, the consumer is stuck waiting in their doorway. The next person on the route is also delayed.

Imagine a courier who can record the delivery of an item using a smartphone; the barcode is read on the first try with a sleek, compact device that neatly fits into the courier’s pocket. Many couriers, drivers and contractors already carry a smartphone for communication and navigation purposes. Therefore, many logistics enterprises can leverage more value from an existing investment.

Smartphones equipped with the Scandit Case and Scandit barcode-scanning software enable retailers to create a seamless store shopping experience. On the associate side, the Scandit Case allows high-volume scanning of barcodes. Retailers can track products every step, from source to shelf to purchase.

Associates can ensure that products do not get lost between the truck and the shelf. They can also confirm items are correctly placed. In addition, associates can record the location and availability of items for store-level fulfillment of online orders. This supports omnichannel operations such as buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS).

The Scandit Case can also help associates perform better customer service. For example, a store employee could scan a barcode to quickly bring up detailed product information. The solution can also support smartphone-based checkout and payment.

On the customer side, the Scandit Case reduces the risk of damage to self-scanning devices. Shoppers can use the solution to scan barcodes in order to find product information, check in-store stock levels, create a registry or wish list and checkout from their smartphone. Each shopper’s scan delivers valuable data to the retailer, giving better insight into consumer needs and behavior.

With Scandit Case, Scandit scanning software can be deployed anywhere. The case for smartphone scanning has always been evident. Now it is universal.

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