Scandit Offers Retailers Mobile Data Capture Solutions for Digitizing Brick-and-Mortar Stores at NRF 2018

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nrf 2018 retail's big show

Retailers who visited the Scandit booth at the recent NRF 2018 Annual Convention & Expo in New York City saw demonstrations of how mobile data capture technology can turn brick-and-mortar stores into connected hubs of seamless retailing. Booth demos included:

Scandit Case for Android – This enterprise scanning case works out of the box and offers a variety of ergonomic scanning options for select Android devices. Case for Android delivers a scanning experience equivalent to handheld traditional scanners and mobile computers at a fraction of the cost. Coupling the Case with Scandit Keyboard Wedge software instantly turns the Android smartphone into an enterprise-grade barcode scanner with no programming or integration required.

Split view technology offered by the Case lets the user scan the way he likes. Users can perform traditional forward, point-to-scan barcode reading with an aiming light, or scan via the camera viewfinder for scanning multiple barcodes at once, comparable to image capturing. Just like the Scandit Case for iPhone 6/6s, 7/8, and iPod Touch, the electronics-free design of Scandit Case for Android reduces points of failure and eliminates maintenance cost by leveraging the device’s built-in camera and flash to scan barcodes with unprecedented ease of use.

Scandit MatrixScan – The MatrixScan multiscanning and augmented reality (AR) feature enables users of any camera-equipped smart device to locate, track and decode multiple barcodes at once and adds visual AR feedback in the user interface to indicate which barcodes have already been scanned.

A customer seeking a specific product, such as a food item with vegan ingredients, can scan an entire shelf of goods and then use augmented reality feedback to have all vegan products instantly highlighted in green on their smartphone screen display. Store associates and warehouse workers can also quickly search shelves, cartons and pallets to have specific items highlighted.

Other popular demonstrations and displays at the Scandit NRF booth included:

Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. This provides retail, manufacturing and supply chain enterprises with the speed and performance necessary to replace dedicated barcode scanners and mobile computers with more flexible and cost-effective mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearables. The result: equivalent or improved scanning performance on a smart device at a fraction of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of traditional scanners.

A “rotator” that showed off just how fast and consistently our barcode scanner reads a code.

Scandit also highlighted new partnerships with mobile device provider Samsung and Mercaux, a provider of digital in-store experiences. Samsung’s NRF booth featured demonstrations of how Scandit mobile data capture solutions integrate with Samsung devices.

In addition, attendees were able to pick up copies of a point-of-view paper, Think Like Amazon, that explains how brick-and-mortar retailers can blend the digital and physical shopping experience in a way that turns a typical physical store environment into a connected hub of seamless retailing for employees and customers alike.

Learn more about Scandit Case for Android here. Learn more about Scandit MatrixScan here. Learn more about Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK here. Get the  “Think Like Amazon” paper and other valuable retail resources here. Click here to learn more about how Scandit mobile data capture technology is redefining and reinventing the retail experience. To speak with a Scandit Solutions Representative, click here.