Mobile Proof of Delivery Means Working Smarter, Not Harder

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taking picture of a box with smartphone

In the logistics and transportation industries, every second—and every dollar—counts. That’s why today’s distributors and fleet managers are leveraging mobile technology to cut costs and improve efficiency for truck drivers, delivery couriers and contractors. The latest smart devices and mobile software offer businesses the ability to streamline the pickup and delivery process, freeing up valuable driver time, eliminating paperwork and speeding up the billing cycle. Learn how business are lowering costs and improving efficiency with mobile proof of delivery:

Paperless Document Processing

There are many paper-based documents used throughout the delivery process including load manifests, order waybills and invoices. Just because other companies process paper doesn’t mean that your business has to conform to these archaic, time-consuming processes. Mobile proof of delivery solutions offer document and signature capture capabilities that allow drivers to quickly collect and e-file documents from the road. This makes it easy to submit documents and process invoices on the day of delivery using a smartphone—speeding up billing cycles and improving company cash flow. By cutting down the time to submit documents and process invoices, enterprises can boost their bottom line with improved worker efficiency and a 17% reduction in overhead costs associated with paper processing.

Streamlined Workflows from a Single Device

The average delivery driver uses multiple devices to complete day-to-day tasks on the road. From a GPS for navigation, to a barcode scanner for tracking packages and beyond, drivers rely on technology to get their job done. And these devices don’t come cheap. Traditional solutions require a significant up-front hardware investment as well as maintenance and repairs throughout their lifecycle. But what if you could leverage more affordable and efficient devices such as smartphones, or tablets? A recent survey found that 67% of  drivers already carry smartphones on-the-job. So why not put them to better use? Using built-in technology such as camera, GPS and telephone, mobile software can turn smart devices into powerful business tools that capture proof of delivery for fleets of any size.

Smartphone-Based Driver Navigation

Turn-by-turn navigation and route optimization are no strangers to the delivery process, but few drivers are managing routes from cost-effect smartphones. Using mobile proof of delivery applications or external navigation apps, drivers can save time with smartphone-based GPS navigation. By taking advantage of real-time traffic updates, route optimization and push-notifications, drivers can manage their entire trip from the comfort of a touch screen. Suddenly, shortened routes, additional daily deliveries (per driver) and limited driver downtime become a reality. This translates into less gas, fewer drivers and ultimately fewer trucks on the road.  

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