Rugged Smartphones in the Enterprise

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Rugged Smartphones in the Enterprise

Today we’re excited to begin a new blog post series which will look at the emerging market of ruggedized smartphones and techniques for ruggedizing consumer smartphone devices. As stipulated by our recent Enterprise Barcode Scanner Comparison, incredible cost savings are up for grabs for those companies willing to replace traditional mobile hardware with smartphone-based apps. Today we’ll provide an overview of each aspect to consider when developing a ruggedization strategy. Check it out:


Mobile Device Ruggedization 101: Environmental Sealant and Military Drop Protection

So what do we mean when we talk about mobile device ruggedization? It all boils down to two factors. The first factor is environmental sealant, which measures a devices ability to seal out environmental factors such as water, dirt and dust. The second factor is military drop protection, which looks at a devices ability to resist shocks, shaking and repetitive drops. This post will explore the different levels of each of these ratings, how they can be applied to consumer or enterprise smartphone, and how they relate to different usage scenarios.


How Rugged Mobile Devices Affect Total Cost of Ownership

So how much money can actually be saved by switching from mobile computers or peripherals to ruggedized consumer smartphones or pre-ruggedized enterprise smartphones? This post will explore the total cost of ownership of a variety of rugged smartphone devices, compare them to traditional hardware, and discuss how these calculations are derived.


Rugged Cases vs. Ruggedized Devices

So you’re convinced that it’s time to switch from traditional mobile hardware to a smartphone-centric strategy. Where to start? One of the first things you should consider is whether you want to purchase smartphones that are ruggedized and specifically designed for the enterprise, or alternatively, provide ruggedized encasements for consumer smartphone devices. This post will explore the pros and cons of each strategy, and look at additional alternatives such as capitalizing on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend.


Rugged Smartphone Device and Case Purchasing Guide

In this post we provide a guide to selecting the right rugged smartphone device or case for your enterprise. We’ll explore how different usage scenarios command different levels of protection, and provide detailed comparison of feature sets. Some examples of devices we’ll evaluate include the Motorola Admiral, the Casio G’Zone, the Samsung Convoy 2 and so on.


The Value of Ruggedized or Ruggedizing Devices the Enterprise

When you take into account the total cost of ownership and flexibility advantages of using smartphones as a replacement for mobile computers and many peripheral mobile devices, it’s clear that the writing is on the wall. Smartphones are destined to swallow these outdated markets, and those companies who move first can gain significant competitive advantage by hopping on the bandwagon.


Stay tuned for our first post, which will explore how environmental sealant and military drop protection protects smartphone devices, coming early next week!