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On a regular basis, Scandit posts thoughts, analysis and insights about mobile data capture in our industry blog. But we don’t just focus on blogs as a publisher. We also avidly read blogs, as well. Here is a list of blogs, focused across several industries, that Scandit considers vital sources of information and opinion for professionals involved in mobile data capture.

Chain Store Age: Tech Bytes
The weekly Tech Bytes blog is the heart of retail IT coverage in Chain Store Age. Technology Editor Deena M. Amato-McCoy posts in-depth opinion and analysis on the latest technology issues and developments affecting retailers.

RSR Research: Articles & Opinions
The four analysts who comprise RSR Research possess more than a century of combined retail industry experience. In regular blog posts, they share their wealth of expertise in areas such as store operations, supply chain, and e-commerce.

RIS News: Retail Insight
Joe Skorupa, Editorial Director of RIS News, knows as much as anyone about all the latest goings-on in retail technology. The Retail Insight blog helps readers stay just as informed.

IHL Research: Analyst Corner
IHL Research is a premier source of business intelligence in supply chain and store-level systems. In the Analyst Corner blog, IHL provides valuable nuggets of that intelligence at no cost.

Retail Touchpoints: Retail Touchpoints Blog
The Retail Touchpoints blog brings together insight from the online retail executive news network’s knowledgeable editorial staff with guest posts from leading industry experts. The result is a well-rounded overview of everything retailers need to know about technology and the customer experience.

DC Velocity: Visibility Visionary
DC Velocity serves the informational needs of logistics and supply chain executives and managers. The Visibility Visionary blog drills into all the latest developments in the continuing effort to achieve real-time supply chain visibility.

Postal and Parcel Technology International: Industry Opinion
Postal and Parcel Technology International examines the complexities of supporting global delivery with advanced technology solutions. The Industry Opinion blog gives a voice to the experts working in the field.

EBN provides a well-established online community for global supply chain professionals. As part of its mission, EBN allows a variety of analysts, journalists and experts to blog on important and timely supply chain topics.

Manufacturing & Logistics IT: Manufacturing & Logistics IT Blog
For close to 40 years, Manufacturing & Logistics IT has covered all aspects of end-to-end supply chains. The publication’s blog allows industry experts and practitioners to share their expertise with readers.

IDC: Manufacturing Community
IDC’s manufacturing analysts are renowned as among the best in the industry. The IDC Manufacturing Community allows them to delve more deeply into specific topics in concise, articulate blog posts.

Mobile Technology
Mobile Marketing & Technology: Exclusive Insights
True to its name, this online resource offers the latest news and analysis of the mobile marketing, payments, and technology industries. The Mobile Marketing & Technology blog offers exclusive insights both from publisher Marla Ellerman as well as third-party experts.

VDC Research: Auto ID & Data Capture Blog
VDC Research offers unparalleled analysis of all things Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). The AutoID & Data Capture blog summarizes all the latest AIDC findings and developments.

The BarCode News: Bar Code Blog
If you work with barcodes, you most likely already know about The BarCode News. Check out the Bar Code Blog to read up-to-date coverage of relevant news and events from leading industry experts.