Want to monetize your app? Sell extended warranties for UPC-based products with the Scandit Product API

Last week we announced an exclusive partnership with Warranty Life, an innovative provider of third-party extended warranties. Today we want explain in more detail what this means for developers. Through the new Product API, developers can now sell extended warranties directly within their apps. These warranties cover millions of US and Canadian consumer products, and are accessible through the Universal Product Code (UPC) included on a product’s package. The sale of extended warranties represents a new avenue for developers to monetize their product-centric apps with every warranty sold.

Extended warranty categories available cover an extensive range of products including:

  • -Electronics (TV, Mp3, cell phones, computers, lap tops, gaming systems, cameras etc.)
  • -Appliances (fridges, stoves, oven, freezers, washers, dryers etc.)
  • -Small Appliances (blenders, coffee makers, toasters etc.)
  • -Furniture (sofas, dining room sets, chairs, desks etc.)
  • -Lawn & Garden tools (mowers, weed eaters, drills, saws etc.)
  • -Musical Instruments (pianos, guitars, violins, electric instruments etc.)


Through our free Barcode Scanner SDK and our partnership with Warranty Life, developers can not only identify products with our Product API, but also enable the sale of extended warranties each time a product is scanned.

Start monetizing your app with warranties today by signing up for our free community edition and integrating our API.