VDC Research Sees Scandit as a ‘Viable Threat’ to Industry Leaders

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barcode on iphone screen

A recent report from VDC Research shows that traditional AIDC industry leaders are losing their market foothold as new platforms like Scandit bring enterprise-grade barcode scanning to mobile devices.

“Platforms like Scandit are a viable threat to data capture industry leaders as these enable consumer devices to facilitate enterprise-grade barcode scanning. Scandit, and others like it, will serve to rival existing purpose-built solutions. These options will empower business owners, regardless of revenue tier, enabling them to leverage the smartphone camera to scan barcodes and capture images just as efficiently as enterprise-grade scanners.”

VDC expects a continued decline in revenue from laser scanner sales as software-based scanner solutions attract more enterprise clients across verticals. This is because software-based scanners offer superior price-performance ratios, support a broader range of barcode symbologies, and facilitate applications beyond track-and-trace, thereby resonating with many enterprises today. Big brands like Saks Fifth Avenue and Capital One have already begun to utilize Scandit solutions, and our customer list continues to grow.

As we move towards a more mobile workplace we can expect a major shift in the types of barcode scanners being used by even the largest enterprises. The laser scanner simply isn’t the best solution for many businesses, and its inability to meet these needs presents a gap for newer technologies to take its place. Here at Scandit, we hope to continue to fill that gap by offering businesses what they want: precise, intuitive technology with performance levels that can power any enterprise.