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Digital transformation is no longer an option. It’s the raison d’être for surviving in today’s modern world.

Enterprises need to be ‘change ready’ in order to adapt and capitalize on a host of conspiring disruptive forces. And workflow and process automation is one way to achieve that.

Let’s face it, there are strong headwinds to battle including economic pressures, a distributed labor market, regulatory uncertainty, rising Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) expectations, as well as supply chain complexities and new market entrants who are challenging traditional business models.

Against this backdrop, greater efficiency and customer retention are key business priorities. And workflow process automation and better data insight are seen as critical enablers to achieving both.

Whether that relates to increased efficiency on production lines, managing complex warehouse inventories, having greater supply chain visibility or getting closer to your customers. Industries including manufacturing, transportation, logistics and retail can all benefit from the agility that process automation brings.

In this, the first in a series of three blogs, we explore why today’s environment of needing to meet customer expectations at a reduced cost is the perfect storm for adopting a low-code platform with smart data capture.

Benefit from the best of both worlds in process automation

Pega has partnered with Scandit to combine the power of the innovative Pega Platform™ with Scandit’s leading Barcode Scanner SDK including MatrixScan. And by doing so has extended the range of software solutions and value to their respective customers.

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Efficiency and productivity are the two words that epitomize the integrated Pega and Scandit offer.

Pega’s low-code platform for AI-powered decision-making and workflow automation enables organizations to reduce complexity, make better decisions and get work done.

While the Scandit Smart Data Capture Platform automates the scanning and data capture of barcodes, text, IDs and objects on smart devices (smartphones, drones, digital eyewear and robots) with unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence. It’s a perfect match.


Reasons to deploy combined Pega and Scandit solutions

Streamlining processes is about connecting workflows and interactions to drive enterprise-wide value.

If processes work optimally, they empower people to work smarter and customers to interact with you in a more personalized and meaningful way. Workers are happier, customers are more satisfied, and the enterprise is more efficient.

Here are our top eight reasons why a combined Pega and Scandit solution makes sense:

  1. Increased employee productivity: Any process can be streamlined with intelligent automation and with Scandit any barcode, text, ID or object can be scanned up to three times faster than dedicated scanners.
  2. High performance scanning for a better UX: Scandit-powered mobile apps ensure top performance on any device model and in any conditions – including challenging light, varying distances and even damaged barcodes.
  3. Greater agility: A powerful low-code platform enables organizations to adapt workflows and processes to change quickly and efficiently.
  4. Accelerated service delivery: Apps built on the Pega platform are faster to develop, secure and scalable, and with Scandit Smart Data Capture built in, it can rapidly address operational challenges as they arise.
  5. Speed of scaling: With an intuitive app accessed on a familiar smart device means new staff can be onboarded in no time at all.
  6. Access to real-time intelligence: Rapid and accurate capture of data ensures smarter decisions are made from real-time data insights.
  7. Innovative data capture: Accurately capturing barcode speeds up and enhances any workflow. For example, Scandit MatrixScan can scan multiple items at once and find a single item in an instant.
  8. A platform for future innovation: Additional functionality can be integrated as a business needs to evolve.

Optimize the value of your existing Pega platform

Pega Marketplace offers more than 350 components, solutions, listings and packaged service offerings to enable existing users the ability to enhance their existing Pega solutions.

Pega Platform™ customers can now choose to integrate Scandit Smart Data Capture tools from the Pega Marketplace to add high performance scanning and data capture capability to the 20,000 smart device models, Scandit software supports.

And what’s more, the Scandit Barcode scanner SDK and MatrixScan are fully compatible with all eight versions of Pega, on both Android and iOS.

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Look out for our next blog, where we’ll be discussing more about how the combined Pega and Scandit solution helps enterprises to adapt and scale easily as business needs evolve.

In the meantime, visit Scandit’s Pega Marketplace page for more information about the Scandit Smart Data Capture Platform, or contact us to start a conversation.