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50 shades of barcode

50 Shades of Barcode

If you’ve followed our blog in the past, you know that barcode haikus —or the Haikode— are a favorite of ours at Scandit. With the fall season just beginning, it’s time for another series of barcode haikus to celebrate our true…

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QR code hotel room

The QR Code Hotel Room

In the past we’ve explored many odd uses of QR codes, ranging from cupcake decoration to gravestone commemoration.  Today we’d like to share another unconventional use of QR codes, this time as a staple of interior design. Introducing…

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The Beauty of a Barcode

Barcodes have a very rich and interesting history. They were originally used to identify railroad cars, and shortly thereafter became an international means for product identification. Since then, barcodes have been used in many diverse…

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