The Summer of Saving Costs with Scandit Mobile Data Capture

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Summer is here and the time is right – for assessing the state of your enterprise data capture environment.

The pace of business tends to slow down in July and August. This means the peak summer months are the perfect time for reviewing your operations and seeing if introducing mobile data capture would reduce costs and increase efficiency. Here are a few specific factors worth checking out.

Age and Condition of Dedicated Mobile Scanners
Do you use dedicated mobile scanning devices to capture data in your enterprise? If so, check their lifecycles and maintenance cycles. Are your dedicated scanners nearing replacement or in need of repairs? Swapping them for smartphones, tablets or wearables running cloud-based Scandit mobile data capture software can create up to 5x total cost of ownership (TCO) savings over the life of the device.

Manual Processes
Does your enterprise still rely on manual, paper-based workflows? Is movement, location, or quantity of goods recorded by hand? By automating manual processes, mobile data capture reduces cost, effort and error. With a simple scan of a code, employees can instantly record and distribute important information on products and tasks.

Customer App Functionality
Low rates of download and/or usage suggest a customer mobile app is too complex or limited. Utilizing Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK or Flow, organizations can add enterprise-grade scanning capabilities to their customer apps. Whether you’re a retailer letting customers scan products to create shopping lists or a supplier enabling clients to perform scan-based order entry, mobile data capture turns apps into vital engagement tools.

Eliminating ‘Black Holes’ of Data
The dressing room has long been known as the “black hole” of the store. Historically, retailers did not know what happened to products once they entered the dressing room. However, by scanning items as they are brought into and out of changing areas, retailers can track previously unavailable, real-time data such as what products make it from try-on to purchase. Organizations from any industry can also use mobile data capture to eliminate other “black holes” of data in the enterprise. These may include supply chain bottlenecks, product loss or theft, and late or inaccurate deliveries. Furthermore, real-time information delivered by mobile data capture provides new insight into workflows, allowing companies to discover otherwise undetected problems.

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