Time to Celebrate with Barcode Haiku’s

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Time to Celebrate with Barcode Haiku’s

Many people have the misconception that barcodes are boring. Many barcodes also think people are boring too. How do we know this? We spend all our time with barcodes, that’s how. Today we want to shift perspectives by sharing little glimpses of barcode beauty through the traditional poetry form of the Haiku. We’ve dubbed these barcode poems “Haikodes” and we feature a new one each Friday on our Twitter account. Here are some “Haikodes” for your enjoyment:



Squares of dots and lines

Digital Freedom Banners

Wave from battlements


*A Day To Celebrate*

The barcode looked up

At the sparkles exploding high

Freedom is awesome


*The Future*

The barcode awoke

Android and iOS Dreams

A premonition



The smartphone cockpit

The barcode prepares for launch

Into the future


*Lions in the Grass*

The lurking smartphone

The unsuspecting scanner

The clock is ticking


*Barcode Admiration*

Printed Precision

The shining black and white stripes

The key to commerce


Now are you totally in love with barcodes? We thought so. Their black and white stripes and all product-identifying power is so seductive. Are you compelled to express your love though a “Haikode”? Please tweet your “Haikodes” at @Scandit or include the hash #Haikode and we’ll share the best of them with the world!