Top 5 Creative Uses of QR Codes

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Top 5 Creative Uses of QR Codes

Recently we explored the top 5 mobile stats from 2012, and today we’re going continue in the “Top 5” spirit by taking a look at the most creative uses of QR codes:

Virtual Stores: Tesco

Tesco may have come up with the greatest repurposing of public space with the creation of their “virtual stores.” You know those posters and advertisements that cover the walls of subway stations in major cities? With the use of QR codes, Tesco took these traditional posters and turned them into a grocery store aisle, complete with the ability to purchase everyday items like milk and eggs. You simply scan the QR codes of the items you’d like to purchase, and they are delivered to your home! Check it out:


Architecture: “i-city” Exhibit from Venice Biennale

This is undoubtedly one of the most artistic use of QR codes to date. These magnificent rooms are styled completely out of QR codes, providing an awe-inspiring and futuristic look into the potential of architectural beauty:

Location Tracking: Kiva Robots

These fascinating robots are designed to move around warehouses and shipping centers, transporting boxes and containers to assist with order fulfillment. They’ve employed the use of QR codes which are laid along the floors, allowing the robots to track their location as they zip around.

Gravestones: Preserving Memories of Loved Ones

This very interesting use of QR codes allows cemetery visitors to scan a code on a gravestone to access digital content related to the deceased. The QR code can connect to videos, pictures and messages created by family and visitors of those who’ve passed away. Check it out:


Interactive Board Game: World Park

New York City transformed central park into a giant interactive trivia board game by spreading QR codes through the park, and having visitors unlock and answer questions related to location where they scanned the codes. Check it out: