Why Are Large Enterprises Looking at Computer Vision Solutions as Part of Digital Transformation?

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By Paul Davis, VP Sales, Northern Europe, Scandit AG 

According to global research analyst Forrester, “Computer vision solutions give enterprises unprecedented intelligence”. This may explain why we are in a mobile computer vision revolution. Organisations in many industries are recognizing that computer vision solutions on smart devices can be used as a powerful tool to digitally transform operations and customer engagement. The results are quickly visible in terms of operational efficiency, cost reduction and unprecedented intelligence about documents, people, products, and equipment.  Plus, as a software-based mobile platform, new features, products, and services that simply did not exist before, can be swiftly developed and introduced, easily integrating with pre-existing IT infrastructure.

Forrester Research Investigates Enterprise Computer Vision Solutions Vendors

In New Tech: Enterprise Computer Vision Solutions, Forrester reports that since 2013, over US$15 billion in new funding has been earmarked for hundreds of new startups in the computer vision space.  One challenge for organisations looking to build or improve upon a mobile computer vision solution is identifying the right vendor that can meet specific needs.  In the report, Forrester examined 33 computer vision software vendors, dividing them into four market segments: computer vision platforms, professional services firms, specialty solutions, and annotation solutions. Forrester categorized the vendors based on maturity (Late Stage, Growth Stage, Early Stage) and listed Scandit as a Late Stage vendor of specialty computer vision solutions,  helping enterprises overcome different business challenges. 

Forrester reported that “64% of global senior business purchase influencers say computer vision will be very or extremely important to their firm in the coming year, and 58% said that their firm is implementing, planning to implement, or interested in implementing computer vision in the coming year.” In general, businesses are looking for computer vision solutions vendors to help them “know what they don’t know” and operationalize solutions that will have the greatest impact on enterprise value.

How Does Scandit’s Mobile Computer Vision Deliver Business Value?

Our enterprise-grade technology turns  any camera-equipped smart device into a powerful barcode and text scanning machine. Mobile computer vision software integrated into apps and web browsers makes it possible for users to capture data from barcodes on everyday items and use the data to drive efficiency in a wide range of processes and workflows. Businesses in retail, transport & logistics, healthcare and manufacturing are making regular processes like Retail Shelf Management, Airport Baggage Tracking, Delivery Search & Find, Patient Identification and Asset Tracking simpler and faster with Scandit-powered mobile apps. Take a look at how Scandit is used in different industries.  Mobile data capture also helps organizations gain unprecedented insight into critical issues such as employee performance and customer behavior. 

Special Features to Keep in Mind

Scandit’s mobile computer vision solutions include MatrixScan and Augmented Reality that enable users to scan multiple barcodes at once and view real-time information on the device with an AR-overlay. This means retail employees can instantly see stock levels or check prices, delivery drivers can quickly identify a package and receive instructions, and healthcare workers can easily verify patient identity or validate medication. The possibilities are almost limitless, the investment low and the benefits to productivity high.  

Scandit can be integrated into mobile apps for smart devices, deployed on mobile devices without an app, or added directly to a website and accessed with a web browser.  Cost and efficiency benefits are seen almost immediately and without the need for major disruption or costly capital expenditures. 

Trust a Late Stage Vendor with Your Computer Vision Requirements

Specialty computer vision solutions provide modular, often turnkey offerings tailored to  well-defined use cases that are common to many businesses. The best vendors have in-depth technical and domain experience and a history of deploying their solutions for well-known customers  to achieve the fastest positive outcomes in your business. 

As a Late Stage vendor, Scandit has amassed a wealth of technical knowledge and best practice  with a proven track record of driving enterprise value in a wide variety of use cases and industries. These are some example case studies:  

  • In retail, Scandit helped the German drugstore chain dm enable more than 26,000 store employees to use smartphones to provide real-time product information to customers.  
  • In Post and Parcel, French delivery leader La Poste uses Scandit to scan parcels up to 55% faster than open source software. 
  • In Healthcare, Scandit helped Leeds NHS Hospital Trust improve cost and time efficiency by 95% in critical workflows.  
  • In air travel, Scandit technology integrated into iPad Mini apps help Alaska Airlines board more than 30,000 people a day on flights.

About the Forrester Report

The 2019 Forrester New Tech Report: Enterprise Computer Vision Solutions reviews the global landscape of computer vision providers. The review assessed technology capabilities and ways in which computer vision is applied to business use cases, markets and industries served, geographical reach and customer case studies as well as company size and financials.  

Download the report and find out:  

  • How we’re in a computer vision revolution, which is offering enterprises unprecedented intelligence about their documents, people, products, and equipment and enabling new features, products, and services. 
  • Forrester believes that few firms have the capabilities to develop CV applications. 
  • Expert insight to help app development and delivery professionals understand the computer vision landscape and better identify the right vendor to help realize their vision.

We are proud to be recognized by Forrester as a Late Stage vendor of specialty computer vision solutions.  We invite you to contact us to learn how Scandit technology and industry-specific expertise can help you digitally transform your operations, reduce costs, and improve customer engagement without major disruption or costly expenditures.