Yankee Group Validates Scandit’s Market Strategy in Mobile AIDC Impact Report

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Yankee Group Validates Scandit’s Market Strategy in Mobile AIDC Impact Report

Press Release: Yankee Group Validates Scandit’s Market Strategy in Mobile AIDC Impact Report

San Francisco, June 18, 2014. Scandit (www.scandit.com), developer of the leading software-based barcode scanning and data capture platform for smartphones, tablets and wearable computing devices, today announced that industry research firm Yankee Group has featured the company in a recent Impact Report. The report, “Company Impact: Scandit Targets, Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics With Mobile AIDC” (May 2014), positions Scandit as an emerging market leader in software-based barcode scanning for retail, manufacturing and logistics, effectively competing against traditional hardware vendors. The report is currently available for download via Scandit’s website.

According to Yankee Group; “Mobile solutions are disintermediating existing hardware and software. The bulk of the AIDC market has historically been focused on ruggedized and proprietary hardware scanners/readers from companies such as Honeywell, Intermec, Motorola, Panasonic, Pidio and Zebra among many others. These have typically come with high lifetime TCO, often into the several thousands of dollars: are designed for specialist workers and not consumers; and have shown little in the way of significant evolution during the past 20 years. Scandit sees an opportunity to disintermediate this traditional hardware (based) market…”

“This report strongly highlights the disruptive nature of Scandit’s software-based scanning technology,” said Samuel Mueller, CEO of Scandit. “Providing greater functionality with a higher ROI than traditional hardware-based scanning solutions, Scandit liberates businesses and employees from the constraints of dedicated device-based scanning. Scandit’s barcode scanner platform contributes to more flexible, cost effective and scalable solutions that support a variety of use cases and operational efficiencies, including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), changing the pattern of how AIDC technologies can be used and harnessed in business.”

The Yankee Group report also states that; “Yankee Group believes there is much promise in the potential for mobile AIDC to help transform business workflows and customer engagement through the mobile channel. Similar technologies that have already been deployed in financial services mobile applications have been well received by customers…Enough of these components are in place for vendors like Scandit to begin to grow their market momentum.”

To download a copy of the Yankee Group report, please visit: /yankee-group-mobile-aidc-impact-report/

About Scandit

Scandit enables retail, manufacturing and logistics businesses to maximize operational performance and drive new revenue streams via enterprise-grade barcode scanning, OCR and data capture software for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. With more than 12,000 licensees in 80 countries, Scandit processes hundreds of millions of scans per year. Its mobile scan technology and associated cloud services combine to deliver the platform of choice for many of the world’s most prestigious brands, including Ahold, Bayer, Coop, Homeplus (Tesco), NASA and Saks Fifth Avenue. Founded in 2009 by a group of researchers from MIT, ETH Zurich and IBM Research, today Scandit and its network of global integration and technology partners are pushing the boundaries of mobile AIDC (automatic identification and data capture), delivering ground-breaking identification and data capture applications to customers. Scandit is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and has just opened a new office in San Francisco. For more information visit www.scandit.com.

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