Two Indicators Scandit Can Help You Develop Better Mobile Data Capture Solutions

As a developer, you understand that deploying enterprise mobile data capture solutions comes with its own set of risks and concerns. However, the largest risk comes from not deploying mobile data capture solutions at all, therefore missing out on the potential cost savings, efficiency gains, and new operational insights they can deliver.

Even if you have developed mobile data capture technology for your enterprise, your work may not be done. If you are not currently deploying Scandit mobile data capture solutions running on smartphones, tablets, wearables, and/or drones and robots, you are probably not maximizing your ROI.

The answers you give to these following two questions can serve as leading indicators that your enterprise can likely get much better value from your mobile data capture efforts with the introduction of a Scandit technology platform.

1. Did you map  your data capture solutions to your old pen and paper processes? If you did, you are very likely not capturing the right data to support marketing and operational improvements.

Take for example the customer-facing retail process of clienteling. Data is the foundation of any successful clienteling strategy, but a recent survey conducted by Yes Lifecycle Marketing reports that only 15% of retailers capture shopping preferences such as preferred size and colors. Your legacy pen and paper solution probably did not have sales associates account for that level of detail, and as a result you are missing huge opportunities to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

2. If your data capture solution is based on the capabilities of traditional scanners, you are also missing opportunities to make your business more efficient.

Consider the proof of delivery (PoD) process: a traditional scanner replaces the pen and paper system, but a smart device enables you to track PoD as well as drivers’ locations, help drivers find delivery addresses, and take photos of damaged items. One smart device streamlines not only PoD but numerous other workflows (location tracking, navigation, receiving), associated with the delivery process.

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