5 Reasons Mobile Computer Vision is Transforming the Last Mile

[…] where parcels are sorted to reach their final destinations, is complex and challenging. Fortunately for Post and Parcel organizations, mobile computer vision technology allows them to scan barcodes with smart devices to complete all tasks in every area of the Last […] View result »

Scandit Report Reveals How Post and Parcel Providers Can Use Mobile Computer Vision

Scandit has released a point-of-view white paper that reveals how Post and Parcel providers can scan barcodes and text with smart devices. View result »

Why Are Large Enterprises Looking at Computer Vision Solutions as Part of Digital Transformation?

By Paul Davis, VP Sales, Northern Europe, Scandit AG  According to global research analyst Forrester, “ Computer vision solutions give enterprises unprecedented intelligence”. This may explain why we are in a mobile computer vision revolution. Organisations in many industries are recognizing […] View result »

Supporting Healthcare Management With Mobile Computer Vision - Scandit

[…] across the globe are relying on next-generation mobile data capture solutions to streamline hospital workflows. Thanks to innovations in mobile computer vision, healthcare enterprises can now deploy inexpensive smart devices to optimize a range of healthcare management tasks, fostering more efficient […] View result »

Optimizing Last Mile Delivery With Mobile Computer Vision

[…] parcel enterprises regularly experiment with different tools to make Last Mile delivery easier and more efficient for all parties. Mobile computer vision is an innovation used in the Post & Parcel industry to significantly improve the speed and efficiency of Last […] View result »

Everyman’s Amazon Go is Within Reach

The debut of Amazon Go last month in Seattle offered a smart vision for brick-and- mortar stores, and the pilot will change the way we shop. View result »

Mobile Computer Vision’s Critical Role in Addressing Healthcare Trends

Mobile computer vision can help healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis. Scandit's high-performance barcode scanning software has the robustness healthcare needs. View result »

How Mobile Computer Vision Can Improve Cost and Time Efficiency in Healthcare by 95%

That amazing 95% result was at Leeds Teaching Hospital in the UK where they integrated Scandit computer vision into a mobile solution to capture vital data in a fraction of the time, in 114 departments as part of the UK Government’s […] View result »

Mobile Computer Vision Enables Contactless Working and Safe Scaling

[…] the new boardroom priorities that trump a swathe of performance KPIs – and will do so for a foreseeable future. Computer vision used on personal smartphones is helping to keep workers, citizens and customers safe – by enabling contactless ways of […] View result »