MatrixScan Count: Error-free Inventory Checks in Record Time

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MatrixScan Count: Error-free Inventory Checks in Record Time

When it comes to manufacturing, distribution and field service operations in the enterprise, every second counts. Reducing lead times increases both output and revenue.

So, imagine if you could slash the time it takes to count goods in and out at every stage of the supply chain, from receipt to distribution. Literally going from counting stock, finished goods or anything with a barcode in minutes, or sometimes hours, to merely a second. That would be revolutionary, right?

Introducing Scandit MatrixScan Count, built to scan and count multiple barcoded items at once. It’s lightning-fast, intuitive and error-proof – while maintaining accuracy and improving the worker experience. In short, it delivers greater counting reliability in less time.

In this blog we explore how:

  • MatrixScan Count transforms counting and inventory tasks from tedious to effortless.
  • Data accuracy and speed can be increased for receiving, inventory checks, loading and unloading.
  • Integration can be fast-tracked with out-of-the-box UI and UX.

What is MatrixScan Count?

MatrixScan Count is an out-of-the-box scan and count solution for efficient inventory management. Workflows from receiving goods and stock checks in manufacturing plants to goods loading and unloading in distribution and field service operations can be dramatically improved.

It enables workers to scan and count multiple items at once with the tap of a button on a smart device. Productivity is boosted, human error is reduced, and inventory data is recorded accurately and in real-time.

Watch this video to see MatrixScan Count in action in several different enterprise scenarios.

What MatrixScan Count does for your supply chain operations

Stock costs money and any losses come straight off the bottom line. Doing accurate stock or goods checks and capturing accurate data is therefore essential – whether in a warehouse, an assembly line or for frontline workers in the field.

Manual checks simply don’t cut it. They are prone to errors and are extremely labor intensive. Even single scanning can fail when barcodes are damaged or covered up or items can be missed due to distraction or interruption during the task.

matrixscan count PUDO

Putting MatrixScan Count into the hands of workers removes these operational risks. Faced with a pallet of boxes, they can locate all barcodes and identify failed scans thanks to the intuitive UI.

When this happens, workers are guided to the appropriate barcode via the on-screen augmented reality display on how to scan it i.e. by moving closer or removing plastic wrapping to reveal an obscured barcode.

Questions you might have

1. Receiving and inventory management is time-consuming and one of the most tedious tasks our staff do. Will MatrixScan Count help them?

It’s widely acknowledged that receiving is one of the most stressful and inefficient parts of warehouse operations. It’s also time-consuming and tedious for workers. 

Equally loading and unloading several packaged goods during distribution operations is another time-intensive task.

Using MatrixScan Count on a smart device gives you:

  • An accurate quantity check – ensuring what’s received matches an order or whether there is a wrong or missing item.
  • A way to save time and optimize warehouse facilities, many of which were not built with sufficient ramps or docks to handle the increasingly heavy volume of goods.
  • An intuitive counting tool that can be used straight away even by inexperienced workers. On-screen guidance directs them on the job and literally informs them what to do, giving them a great experience.

2. It all sounds great but implementing this sort of technology takes time, especially in terms of an effective UI. Is it simple to bring into our app?

All apps are different. However, the user interface works out-of-the-box so that developers can implement it into your app with minimum fuss.

Consider the complex task of scanning and logging goods in or goods out for inventory management.

MatrixScan Count makes it as intuitive as operating a standard smartphone camera. Augmented reality guidance instantly displays necessary information and guides the user throughout the task.

3. We already use dedicated scanning devices, which are pretty fast. How will a smartphone be able to beat that?

MatrixScan Count can speed up receiving and inventory counting workflows by up to 10x, simply by pointing a device’s camera at a pallet or shelf and scanning everything in one hit.

It’s easier to demonstrate than explain. Take a look at how speed can be increased while maintaining accuracy.

4. It would be great to test an application first and get feedback from our workers before we started building. Is it possible to test it out?

You can try out MatrixScan Count on the Scandit SDK, or get in touch with our team who will be happy to help get you set up.

5. You say MatrixScan Count improves data accuracy. Can you tell us more about how it can do this?

A key feature of MatrixScan Count is it scans multiple barcodes in the lens simultaneously. It’s error-proof.
However, if someone is scanning them individually, a slight lapse of concentration or interruption could cause them to miss a scan.

MatrixScan Count also guides the user to move closer, via on-screen feedback, if a scan has failed, so nothing is missed.

6. We never have a set-up of neatly stacked packages. Can MatrixScan Count still be used?

We know that due to the many players along a supply chain, companies have minimal control over how parcels are set up or stored. Or how pallets are arranged and labeled.

That’s why we are already looking into combining MatrixScan Count with single scanning into an intuitive user interface.

Typical scenarios where MatrixScan Counts comes into its own

Here are some familiar situations where MatrixScan Count can make a difference to everyday supply chain workflows.


Scenario: A worker scans a parcel/pallet against an order or receipt. Optionally, information such as documentation, signature and damage photos are collected.

With MatrixScan Count: A worker walks up to a pallet of boxes and taps their smart device to scan all barcodes on the pallet. The worker is alerted on-screen that a barcode has not been scanned and guided on how to scan it. They move closer to remove some foil wrapping that is obscuring the barcode.


Scenario: A driver sorts items inside the truck, loads them on a hand truck or two-wheeler (in some cases a pallet carry) and scans all items. The driver then unloads products from the truck and places them into designated customer storage.

With MatrixScan Count: A driver stacks heavy packages (i.e. beverages) and bags (i.e. flour, sugar cane) with barcodes facing one direction on a two-wheeler hand truck while having their phone in their pouch or pocket. The driver then taps to scan all barcodes from one side and gets confirmation that all the items scanned match the list of what needs to be delivered at this stop.

Stock Taking for Consignment Tracking

Scenario: A worker scans products – for example in a hospital within a medical or storage cabinet to record product quantities currently in stock. This task is essential for statutory auditing, to record discrepancies, and to identify expired or obsolete goods.

With MatrixScan Count: Workers can count multiple items in a cabinet at once and easily identify expired goods with onscreen instructions indicating where action is required. This adds up to significant efficiency gains in terms of time and cost when performing stock taking in numerous medical cabinets throughout a hospital.

Get Counting done with greater data accuracy

MatrixScan Count is a Scandit Smart Data Capture solution, so fast and reliable scanning and data capture is assured. On-screen guidance with augmented reality ensures workers receive on-the-job guidance and costly errors are avoided.

Moreover, it relieves your teams of tedious counting and allows them to focus on more pressing tasks.

Make your receiving, loading, unloading and inventory management more accurate, efficient and easier with MatrixScan Count.

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with a member of our team.