MatrixScan Count: A Game-Changer For Supply Chain Logistics

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MatrixScan Count: A Game-Changer For Supply Chain Logistics

Scandit is launching MatrixScan Count – a game-changer for the way logistics workers do time-consuming counting tasks.

MatrixScan Count gives them the ability to instantly – and we mean instantly – count and identify parcels, pallets, and goods. Anything with a barcode.

But there’s a whole range of benefits for businesses and staff.

Our post will cover how:

  • MatrixScan Count removes the tedium of typical counting and inventory tasks.
  • Data accuracy and speed can be increased for receiving, inventory checks, and unloading and loading.
  • Integration can be jump-started with an out-of-the-box UI and UX.

Short on time? Play the video below for a demonstration of MatrixScan Count in a logistics scenario.

What is MatrixScan Count?

MatrixScan Count is an out-of-the-box scan and count solution for receiving parcels, loading, and inventory management.

It enables workers to scan and count multiple items at once with the tap of a button. Boosting worker productivity, reducing human error, and maintaining up-to-date data accuracy.

matrixscan count PUDO

What MatrixScan Count will do for your workers and your business

Data capture accuracy is a key requirement for supply chain logistics companies – whether they are in the warehouse, a PUDO point, or unloading goods from a truck.

But the fact is manual scanning is prone to human error. Sometimes the scan fails. Sometimes an item is missed. Even something like an interruption can affect a simple receiving task.

Putting MatrixScan Count enables you to locate all barcodes and identify failed scans. In this case, the worker is guided to the appropriate barcode via the on-screen augmented reality message for a close-up scan.

The user interface also works out of the box. So developers can implement it into your app with a minimum of fuss.

Questions you might have

Receiving and inventory management is quite time-consuming for our staff and it’s one of the most tedious tasks they have to do. Will MatrixScan Count help them?

We learned from the logistics companies we work with know from experience that scanning parcel by parcel is one of those monotonous jobs that require just about enough concentration to make it tedious. With MatrixScan Count they can just need to make a few ‘point and scans’ to capture over 10s of barcodes.

In addition, AR overlays indicate which items have already been scanned, which ones couldn’t be decoded or which shouldn’t be part of the inventory or receiving load.

It is also great for inexperienced staff. The on-screen guidance can direct them on the job and literally tell them what to do.

All of this sounds great but implementing this sort of technology takes time, especially in terms of an effective UI. Is it simple to bring into our app?

All apps are different. But the MatrixScan Count user interface is ready to go out of the box. Take the complex task of scanning and logging multiple packages for inventory management.

MatrixScan Count makes it as intuitive as operating a standard smartphone camera. Augmented reality guidance instantly displays necessary information and guides the user throughout the task.

We already use dedicated scanning devices, which are pretty fast. How will a smartphone be able to beat that?

MatrixScan Count can literally 5X existing speeds receiving and inventory management counting speeds. Just point the device’s camera at the pallet or shelf and it will scan everything in one hit.

But it’s easier to demonstrate than explain. Just take a look at how speed can be increased.

It would be great to test an application first and get feedback from our workers before we started building. Is it possible to test it out?

In a word, yes. You can try out MatrixScan Count on the Scandit SDK, or get in touch with our team who will be happy to help get you set up.

You say MatrixScan Count improves data accuracy. Can you tell us more about how it can do this?

A key feature of MatrixScan Count is it identifies all barcodes in the lens. If someone is scanning them individually, a slight lapse of concentration or interruption could cause them to miss a scan.

MatrixScan Count also guides the user to move closer, via on-screen feedback, if a scan has failed. So nothing is missed.

We never have a set up of neatly stacked packages. Can MatrixScan Count still be used?

We know that due to the many players along a supply chain, logistics companies have minimal control over how parcels are set up or stored. Or how pallets are arranged and labeled. That’s why we are already looking into combining MatrixScan Count with single-scanning into an intuitive user interface.

Taking the tedium out of counting – typical situations

Here are some familiar situations where MatrixScan Count can make a difference to everyday supply chain workflows.


Situation: A worker must scan some newly-received parcels or pallets against an order or receipt. Each item needs to be checked and logged one by one.

With MatrixScan Count: A worker walks up to a pallet of boxes and taps his smart device to scan all 20-odd barcodes on the pallet. In the end, the worker is prompted on-screen that a barcode has not been scanned. They move closer to remove some foil wrapping that is obscuring the barcode. The final scan is made to also accurately capture the last label.

PUDO – Parcel Inventory Check

Situation: A PUDO point store worker is in the back of the store for an inventory check on a large number of parcels for collection. They will have to scan parcels along each shelf, including the ones that are near the ceiling and on the ground.

With MatrixScan Count: the store worker points the smart device camera over one section of the shelves from a single vantage point and taps to scan. All the barcodes are scanned. They repeat the process two more times along the rest of the shelves. All the parcels have been logged and missing deliveries can be easily identified.

Loading and unloading

Situation: A driver delivering packages to a company sorts the items inside the truck and loads them via a hand truck or two-wheeler. They then scan all items individually. The driver then unloads products from the truck and places them into designated customer storage.

With MatrixScan Count: A driver stacks heavy packages and bags with the barcodes facing one direction on a two-wheeler. They then tap to scan all barcodes from one side. They wait one moment for the on-screen notification that all the codes have been captured. If an error has been made and a wrong item has been put on the two-wheeler to unload, the driver is notified via AR on when looking at the list of items.

Greater data accuracy

MatrixScan Count is a Scandit Smart Data Capture solution, so fast and reliable scanning is assured. While the on-screen guidance with augmented reality ensures costly errors can be avoided and staff can receive on-the-job guidance.

Moreover, it can relieve your staff of tedious counting and allow them to focus on more pressing important tasks that deserve their attention.

Make your inventory management, loading, and receiving more effective by ensuring data accuracy. Giving your staff smart devices – equipped with MatrixScan Count – is a great way to do it.

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with our team and we will take you through the process.