Product Updates: SparkScan, Automated Querying in ID Scanning

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Sparkscan Samsung device

In our latest native SDK release, we’ve made adding barcode scanning to smartphone applications dramatically easier.

SparkScan is ready with a few lines of code. It combines Scandit’s unmatched scanning speed and accuracy with a pre-built scanning interface that floats on top of any native application, without requiring app redesign.



Barcode Scanning Product Release

NEW: SparkScan out-of-box scanning

Available in the 6.16 release, our new out-of-box smartphone barcode scanner SparkScan is part of the Data Capture SDK for Android or iOS, on React Native and Xamarin.

SparkScan includes a built-in interface that bundles multiple scanning features, removing the need to develop and user test these yourself.

  • Large, moveable, semi-transparent scan button floats on top of any app – no need to design scanning in
  • Hold the phone right or left handed, scan from any orientation, and scan without relying on a screen for aiming.
  • Continuous Mode allows the user to avoid the need to tap on the button before every scan, and Target Mode enables selection of a single barcode, even when many are in the field of view.

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MatrixScan Count

A new collapsible toolbar (Android docs/iOS docs) is available in MatrixScan Count. It contains several scanning settings such as landscape mode, left-handed mode, and audio and haptic feedback. This allows users to adjust scanning style and preferences on the go.

Scanning Collapsible Toolbar

Barcode Selection

When you need to scan one barcode among many in view, you can now trigger selection upon aiming using your own custom button. Check out our Android docs or iOS docs.

scanning custom UI button

Small barcode scanning on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max fixed

We discovered that the main camera of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models could not focus at distances of less than 15 cm. This made scanning small barcodes (less that 2 cm in size) at a close range challenging.

We’ve added a solution to overcome this in our 6.16 release and encourage you to upgrade.

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Other new features and improvements:

  • SDK now supports Rectangular Micro QR Code (rMQR), a new 2D symbology gaining popularity in APAC. See the full set of symbologies supported in our SDK.
  • We now automatically correct a common misprint for UPCA/EAN13 barcodes where wide bars are printed split into two thinner bars.
  • We already had a low false positive rate when reading EAN13 codes, but we’ve improved this even further by reducing UPCE false positives inside EAN-13 codes, especially in challenging conditions when the EAN13 is partially covered.



ID scanning product release

Easier verification, improved UX and further global coverage

We’ve made three of the most popular ID verification tasks much easier by automatically providing the verification result as part of the scan result. This automated querying of specific fields saves development time, as you can simply extract a result instead of querying a value against a criteria.

You can now access verification results for the following queries:

  • Is the ID expired?
  • Is this US Driver’s License a ‘REAL ID’?
  • How old is the owner of the ID?

id scanning 6.16

We’ve also simplified handling and improved user experience when an unscannable or unsupported document is presented by introducing timeouts. Users automatically get helpful feedback that can save time and let them find an alternative resolution faster.

Finally, our global coverage continues to grow with two more IDs added:

  1. APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Business Travel Card
  2. One-Way Permits to Hong Kong/Macau issued by People’s Republic of China (中华人民共和国前往港澳通行证)

ID Scanning Web SDK
ID Scanning Native SDK – Android
ID Scanning Native SDK – iOS



Tutorials Product Release

Guide: Choosing the right viewfinder

Our SDK includes several different types of viewfinders to communicate that the scanner is active, tell the user where within the view scanning occurs, and generally communicate how close to hold the camera. We’ve now introduced new guidance to help you select the best viewfinder for different use cases.

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Viewfinder examples

Aimer viewfinder
Aimer viewfinder for barcode selection, or for use when scanning small codes.
square viewfinder
Square, bold rectangular viewfinder with full-screen scanning.
rounded viewfinder id scanning
Rounded, light style viewfinder for front of card ID scanning.