RailCare CEO Philipp Wegmueller Discusses Transforming Supply Chain Operations with Scandit (Video)

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In a new video interview, RailCare CEO Philipp Wegmueller explains how the company, a subsidiary of Coop Switzerland, improves supply chain business processes using Scandit mobile data capture technology.

Watch the video below.

“Advances in mobile technology and digitalization provide us with a great opportunity to improve our operations, eliminate paper, continuously monitor and track the transport chain, and significantly reduce reaction times,” said Wegmueller.

In addition to using Scandit mobile data capture technology in smartphone applications for transport and yard operations, RailCare plans to apply mobile data capture in other areas of its supply chain. Wegmuller cites fuel purchases, claims management, and general stock-taking of customer goods as planned future use cases for Scandit technology.

RailCare is satisfied with the results it gets from using Scandit for several reasons. In addition to having what Wegmueller calls a “convincing” price-performance ratio, Scandit mobile data capture technology also provides a great deal of speed and stability.

“In our opinion, the stability of the scanner is unmatched,” Wegmueller said. “It automatically ensures a high level of acceptance among workers when it’s time to launch a new app.”

By launching smartphone apps equipped with Scandit mobile data capture technology, RailCare is able to turn smartphones into employee support tools.

“The smartphone is our digital pocketknife,” stated Wegmueller.

Scandit offers smarter data capture solutions designed to transform retail operations in scenarios such as shipping & receiving, order entry, inventory management, clienteling, mPOS, self-checkout, and mShopping. In addition to Coop and RailCare, leading retailers including Ahold, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue use Scandit mobile data capture solutions.

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