Scandit Enterprise-Level Success FAQ

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Scandit Enterprise-Level Success FAQ

Deploying smart data capture technology? Well, let Scandit take the stress out of it.

Our Enterprise-Level Success team will work with you across your entire development process from start to finish. Our goal?

To help you bring a finished smart data capture application to market faster. And keep it running smoothly, ensuring enterprise-level success.

We have you covered on areas like:

  • Evaluation — guidance on the right smart data technology and hardware;
  • Integration — the best way to implement and configure Scandit to fit your needs;
  • Operation — support for any issues that may arise once you are up and running.

Scandit has helped thousands of companies integrate smart data capture into applications. What follows summarizes how you can use that experience to create your own apps with our Enterprise-Level Success.

So what does our Enterprise-Level Success team do for you?

If you are working to deploy smart data capture technology in employee workflows or customer applications, we’re with you all the way from concept evaluation to day-to-day operations.

Our support covers everything from trials, solution design, integration and customer success.

We know how important support is for your business

You’ll understand how important high-quality Enterprise-Level Success is if you have ever tried to build, maintain or optimize an application with just open source documentation.

Or if you’ve been using dedicated barcode scanning devices and were locked into an inflexible and expensive support plan limited to a piece of hardware.

Scandit gives you end-to-end support as standard.

Questions you may have:

This is the first time we have used smart devices and software-based data capture in this process. Can you help identify the smart data capture capabilities we need?

Absolutely. We’ll examine your individual use case and give you a clear overview of the Scandit capabilities and what they can do for you to deliver optimal outcomes.

Scandit is progressive, innovative and open to collaboration. They are completely transparent about what their product is and what it isn’t. Scandit clearly communicated expectations and met, if not exceeded them. This is one of the key reasons the relationship between Kroger and Scandit keeps growing.

Chris Norris, Senior Manager of Product, In-Store Customer Experience, Kroger Grocery, USA

Software is one thing, but we’d like advice on the best hardware?

Selecting the right hardware bundle for your needs is essential. If you haven’t done so already, we can advise you what device (or devices) will perform best for your needs and highlight models that ensure the best total cost of ownership (TCO).

Testing with our end-users and in the live environment is crucial. What can Scandit do to help with that?

It’s simple to test Scandit in your environment and ecosystem. Our solution consultants help you set that up with your own workflow and data, so that you can see first-hand how it performs.

A good user experience is key to any application, as well as to smart data capture. Can you help us with that?

Absolutely. We’ve integrated smart data capture into all kinds of different applications. So just leverage our experience to achieve the most efficient data capture UX for your tasks and processes. In fact, you can even copy and paste our code for added speed and efficiency.

We have a complex backend with a lot of legacy infrastructure. Can you help us with implementation?

Implementation can traditionally be one of the most time-consuming development tasks. That’s why we’ve built our technology to seamlessly work on a variety of operating systems, frameworks and 3rd party systems. We also have a comprehensive bank of code samples and detailed docs and tutorials. But if you need to speak to someone, we have experts on hand to keep you on track.

What kind of support can you give us once we have gone to deployment?

We will provide support to help you keep your application running and improving. If issues arise, Scandit will address them quickly. We will also give you access to the latest updates and innovations we’ve picked up from working with thousands of companies.

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What our customers say

Don’t take our word for it. Here is some unbiased feedback from a few of the companies we’ve worked with.

The support provided was top tier which allowed us to meet project goals ahead of schedule. I especially appreciate the on-site visit you and your team participated in to help guide and support. It was tremendously helpful! By far the best vendor relationship I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of in my IT career.

Daniel Powell, Mobile Solutions Owner, Express Inc, Fashion Retailer, USA

Scandit’s Enterprise-Level Success helped us end-to-end in the development process. In the concept phase, Scandit’s Solution Consultant shared know-how for us to integrate Scandit effectively in our mobile app. In the development and deployment phase, the Technical Support team always provided a prompt resolution for us to solve issues.

Mr. Taiji Sumino, Director of Digital, U.S.M. Holdings, Supermarket Chain, Japan

Even in the test period before signing the contract, Scandit provided speedy and high-quality support to different kinds of inquiries and product feature requests. Thanks to Scandit’s Enterprise-Level Success, we could develop our mobile app on schedule to bring forward our smart data capture experience to realize our last mile improvement plan.

Mr. Yoshihiro Hatano, General Manager, Operation System Planning Group, Yamato, Delivery Company, Japan

Taking your application from concept to deployment and beyond

Scandit has you covered when it comes to Enterprise-Level Success.

We provide the highest quality support and services as standard. Be it retail, logistics, healthcare, and more, our team has worked with companies from all around the world.

If there’s a problem implementing smart data capture applications, the chances are we’ve seen it.

Leverage that experience for your own business. We have a wide range of support options available, and our team can help you find the right solution for your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our Enterprise-Level Success services.