Scandit Enterprise-Level Success: Everything You Need to Know

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When businesses invest in new technologies, one of two things typically happen — implementation support is either virtually non-existent or it is extremely expensive. Depending on the skills in-house, the learning curve can be steep and bothersome, which often delays project timelines, overloads teams and generates financial losses.

At Scandit, however, we are proud to offer customers high-quality support from concept to live operations and beyond. And we do it as standard, saving you from unnecessary headaches. An Enterprise-Level Success Team will work hand in hand with you throughout the entirety of your smart data capture journey, showing you the ropes and giving invaluable tips and feedback. With us, enterprise-level success is guaranteed.

Our end-to-end Enterprise-Level Success can be divided into three phases: Evaluation, Integration & Rollout, and Day-to-Day Operations. Below, we’ll take them one by one and highlight the value delivered at every stage.

Phase #1: Evaluation

The foundation upon which the entire solution deployment is built, this first phase of our Enterprise-Level Success process aims for customers to get to know Scandit inside-out and vice versa. Both Scandit and our customers will have a chance to evaluate together the best path forward in terms of solutions and use cases.

Depending on the complexity of the job to be done, this part of the cycle can range from a couple of days to entire months if necessary. It goes without saying that the more in-depth it is, the easier deployment is down the road.

Let’s dissect its three main elements.

Explore Scandit Offering

Firstly, customers will get a comprehensive overview of Scandit’s capabilities. This will bridge any knowledge gaps the customer may have and show the range of possibilities with Scandit Smart Data Capture.

Next, the focus moves to the customers’ problems by defining specific challenges and goals, mapping out workflows and establishing KPIs.

For this stage, resources such as videos, demo apps, free trials and meet-ups with our account executives are at your fingertips.

Extended Testing & Evaluation Support

Secondly, customers will have the chance to test Scandit technology in their own environments and simulate real-life scenarios based on proprietary workflows and data.

Throughout joint on-site testing with the customer, our team can help develop an appropriate test vehicle (e.g. customized demo app), as well as define the testing environment and provide quality assurance (QA). Depending on which testing route is preferred by the customer, this can range from an off-the-shelf, no-code Scandit demo app all the way to a fully integrated SDK in the customer’s own app.

While this step may seem daunting at first, worry not, as our Solution Consultants will be with you every step of the way.

Hardware Selection Guidance

Thirdly, in order to reach the specific performance and total cost of ownership (TCO) requirements of each and every customer, our experts can offer guidance on hardware selection. Why? Because smart data capture goes hand in hand with smart devices — in order to gain the greatest results, both sides of the equation need to be optimized.

Thankfully, our team knows what’s up. With great expertise in the field and also an extensive ecosystem of partners, they can advise on which devices and accessories work best for specific use cases. Device-specific tests and benchmarks are vital here — but to speed up the process, 200 of the most common devices have already been benchmarked, ready for a quick and effortless comparison.

Phase #2: Integration & Rollout

Once all the exploring, planning and mapping is done, it’s time to get down to business. The second phase of our Enterprise-Level Success focuses on integrating the customer’s chosen smart data capture solution into pre-existing environments, tools and workflows.

Such integrations can always throw up challenges, which is why the Scandit Enterprise-Level Success Team works closely with the client to find the best implementation route and configure it according to specific needs down to the tiniest details.

Implement Best Practice UX

Scandit has played a role in thousands of deployments, which is why we have extensive knowledge of good user experience (UX) practices for different types of data capture scenarios.

The Scandit Smart Data Capture platform is very flexible, and for optimal results we will help to attune it to specific industry use cases based on the capabilities needed — delivery drivers will be using the solution differently than retail store associates, for instance.

Thus, Scandit ensures the best UX and performance, working out any kinks of the configuration alongside the customer. What’s more, customers can copy and paste our code into their apps to get up and running fast and also handpick suitable UI elements from a pre-built library. Smooth and convenient.

End-to-End Integration Support

For further assistance, customers can also access our experienced technology support and get in touch with mobile developer support staff whenever they reach a blocker. Additionally, they have the option to make use of easy-to-use code samples, deep dive into detailed documents and hands-on integration tutorials.

Moreover, simple, step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Scandit Smart Data Capture into a number of different ISV and enterprise software solutions the likes of SAP, Oracle and Blue Yonder are also available.

UX & Performance Review

When in doubt, call a friend — Scandit. To make sure everything runs perfectly before a go-live or big rollout, Scandit’s Solution Consultants will pair up with the customer and our UX teams to review and fine-tune the user experience and performance sides of the implementation.

This will take place in a workshop format and review checklists will also be made available, removing risk from the project and ensuring better adoption and performance in the field.

Phase #3: Day-to-Day Operations

In the final stage of our Enterprise-Level Success, we are there to address any issues or complications that might pop up during live operations. We also strive to ensure customers get the most out of Scandit in a future-proof manner: today and tomorrow, always.

SLA-Driven Support Plans

To accommodate a range of customer needs, we have set up different levels of SLA-driven support plans, ranging from 24/7 emergency phone support to email support, all with guaranteed response times.

If you ever wondered why our customer satisfaction score is industry-leading, look no further than our technical support.

Regular Software Updates

Next up, to maintain smart data capture technology to state-of-the-art standards, Scandit releases performance improvements, device optimizations and cutting-edge feature upgrades about every three months for all platforms and development frameworks.

The latest releases are easily accessible to download via the customer’s dashboard.

Customer Success

In addition to support, there is a Customer Success Team that looks after nominated key accounts. The team collaborates closely with customers to ensure that their value justification of their investment in Scandit Smart Data Capture is achieved.

The support you need and deserve

So there you have it — our Enterprise-Level Success from start to finish. Developing, implementing and maintaining the right smart data capture technology for your needs can be tricky, but a superior support system can make the whole process a breeze. It’s no wonder then that we are at the source of tens of billions of scans per year, supporting more than 150 million active mobile devices. We’re the experts you need.

Contact us today to learn more about our tailor-made Enterprise-Level Success and future-proof your business. Trust us, we’ve got you covered.