Scandit Partner Spotlight: Upshop

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Scandit’s partner ecosystem is designed around the principle that we should put our customers’ needs and requirements at the forefront of our partner strategy.

Each quarter, we’ll be focussing a spotlight on one of our partners and letting them describe themselves and what they do.

This time, Upshop provides some insights into their AI-driven dispatch and routing software and last-mile delivery platform and how they work with Scandit to provide value.

How would you describe Upshop in just a few sentences?

Upshop has been building store operations technology for 30+ years to provide simplified, smarter, more connected SaaS-based solutions for retailers and associates. Technology solutions in Fresh, Center, eCommerce, and DSD have synchronized to form a singular platform that delivers end-to-end visibility, increased sales, major waste reduction, and streamlined labor efficiencies.

What are Upshop’s core competencies?

Upshop is a Total Store Operations Platform that:

  • Synchronizes store workflows across Fresh, Center, eCommerce, and DSD
  • Unifies intuitive technology solutions under a singular app
  • Delivers a simplified, smarter, more connected experience for retailers, associates, and shoppers

Do you have a vertical/industry focus?

Focused mainly on the food retail industry, including tier 1 and tier 2 grocery stores, c-stores, dollar stores, big box stores, commissaries, dark stores, MFCs, and ghost kitchens.

Do you have a geographical focus?

Upshop has customers all over the globe, serving 30k+ locations in 9 countries.

And finally, why are you excited about working with Scandit?

Scandit is integrated with the Upshop solution to provide software based scanning for store associates using a camera based device for scanning. Using Scandit’s software clients can find significant labor savings with the matrix scanner.

To learn more about Upshop, please visit their website. 

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