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Support for all Major Barcode Types

Add Data Capture to Any App

Our Barcode Scanning and Data Capture solutions enable developers to transform smart devices into enterprise-grade barcode scanning tools and enhance existing applications for mobile and web browsers.

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Native Barcode Scanner SDK -
Android, iOS, Web and Windows

Test the functionality in our apps in the App Store and evaluate the SDK directly from your own mobile applications. You can create a Scandit Developer Account here.

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Scandit SDK for the Web

Simple to install library for integrating directly in the web browser. The Scandit SDK for the Web allows developers to access device cameras for live video input, displaying barcode picker UI, configuring barcode symbologies, and enabling customers to quickly scan inside robust web apps.

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Scandit SDK Plugins and Libraries -
Xamarin, Linux, React Native, Cordova

Optimized for the leading mobile app development frameworks in the market today. Simply drop our library into your existing projects.

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Scan Fast and Accurately

Scandit technology delivers enterprise-grade barcode scanning into the apps you build. Computer vision software enables reliable data capture in virtually any scanning environment – low light, glare and skewed angles – even on blurry, damaged, and small codes. Learn more about performance.

Keyboard Wedge

Easy to implement with no integration required, the keyboard wedge adds barcode scanning to any application. Ideal for retail and logistics operations. Trial the Keyboard Wedge.

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Enterprise Browser

Add high-performance camera based barcode scanning to any new or existing browser based application. No integration needed. Trial the Enterprise Browser.

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