Mobile Solutions for Government Operations

Mobile computer vision enables government agencies to track documents more effectively and manage files and assets with 100% accuracy across the organization.

Track Assets

Government agencies can use barcode scanning-enabled smartphone apps to streamline asset tracking in the workplace.

Lower Costs

Smart devices equipped with mobile computer vision software are far less costly that traditional scanners. Employees use mobile apps in their everyday lives, so there is little or no training required. Smartphone-based data capture may be used in conjunction with an existing system and traditional scanners may be replaced over time.

Get Enterprise-Grade Performance

Barcode scanning-enabled smart devices read low quality codes in a variety of lighting conditions and a wide range of angles and distances. Scandit software provides data capture performance on par with traditional scanners at a fraction of the cost.

Scandit Use Cases for Government Agencies.

Government agencies can leverage mobile computer vision technology to streamline workflows and manage important assets. Read on to learn more about how Scandit’s data capture software can help government organizations improve the reliability and cost efficiency of day-to-day operations.

  • Document Tracking
  • Asset Tracking

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