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Virtual EventJune 21–25, 2021MEET WITH US ABOUT SCANDIT

The Retail Show will go on at NRF Retail Converge

We will be sharing the latest mobile computer vision insights for smart retailers at NRF Retail Converge. This includes ways to tackle the shift to omnichannel as well as motivate shoppers to come back in-store.


More Digital. More Human. Redefining Physical Stores Post‑Covid

Physical stores have been transformed by an unprecedented shift towards omnichannel retail over the last 18 months.

Now, customers are demanding both online convenience and the instant gratification of shopping in-store. Stores need to make themselves more digital and more human.

We outline the one-device strategy that can meet the omnichannel demands that are here to stay.

Speaker: Samuel Mueller, CEO and Co-Founder Scandit



Introducing the Future of Streamlined Store Operations with Mobile Computer Vision

Scandit will showcase a new innovation in mobile computer vision technology – a concept that leverages advanced smartphone functionality.

We’ll present our vision of how retail operations will evolve – increasing store associate productivity and enabling them to spend more time engaging customers.

So want to be amazed at what advanced smartphones enable? We’ll show how to boost workforce productivity.

Speaker: Christian Floerkermeier, CTO and Co-Founder Scandit


Clienteling Augmented Product Information

Upgrading Smartphones into Enterprise-Grade Scanners

What we do – Scandit’s barcode scanning technology brings mobile computer vision to your application, turning even a basic smartphone into a sophisticated high-performance scanning device.

What this means for you – with it, your app will deliver unequaled barcode scanning, text recognition, image recognition, and augmented reality, both for your customers and employees.

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camera capabilities

Questions? Connect with our team and talk to us at NRF.

Retail Tech Top 100

CB Insights named Scandit to its inaugural Retail Tech 100 ranking, which showcases the 100 most promising B2B retail tech companies in the world.

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