Smart Data Capture with Scandit and Apple

Scandit’s computer vision, augmented reality (AR) and MatrixScan technology provides smart data capture on iOS devices.

The Scandit Smart Data Capture Platform is used in industries like retail, transportation & logistics, healthcare and manufacturing to move operational processes onto iOS devices and replace single purpose and expensive scanning hardware. Scandit enables barcode scanning, text recognition and AR on mobile apps to blend physical objects with digital information, making tasks like E-commerce Order Fulfillment, Inventory Management, Retail Self Scanning or Airport Baggage Tracking much easier and faster.

Over 50 million iOS devices around the globe have Scandit technology, processing billions of scans every year. Our customers can quickly enable enterprise-grade scanning on iPhones & iPads by adding Scandit’s SDKs or no-code solutions to native or web apps. We provide developer assistance during implementation and a range of support and analytics options during live service.

Why choose iOS with Scandit

Powerful CPUs and GPUs across the entire device portfolio

Scandit and iOS together deliver a responsive UX for demanding AR applications. The MatrixScan family of products capture multiple barcodes in one scan and display real-time data on the device screen.

Fast camera start times, good low light performance, fast autofocus and 4K video

Industry leading barcode scan speed and reliability, even in bad light, at distance, with damaged labels or tiny barcodes.

Outstanding AR capabilities bridge the physical and virtual worlds

Delight customers and empower employees with apps that bring physical products to life with visual images and real-time information through AR.

Save money on the TCO of scanning hardware – the iOS Scandit solution is typically one-third the cost

Our easy-to-use integration solutions and specialist technical support make it easy to get up and running.

Optimize processes with easy-to-use employee apps accessing your data sources

Combine barcode scanning with text recognition (OCR) to handle items like passports and ID.

Transform Your Industry With Mobile Scanning

retail barcode scanning


From the shop floor to the back of house, turbo-charge your employee efficiency and delight your customers.

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scan blood sample


In hospitals, pharma distribution and social care, Scandit improves patient safety and staff efficiency.

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Augmented Reality Luggage Air Travel

Air Travel

On the ground or onboard the flight, Scandit upgrades airline operations and customer experience.

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Product Information Look-Up with Scandit


Scandit helps you connect processes, people and products from plant to warehouse, from customers to field maintenance.

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