Scandit for Epic Rover on Android

Advancing Healthcare One Mobile Scan at a Time

Scandit is delighted to attend Epic’s User Group Meeting 2021 in Verona Wisconsin. We look forward to demonstrating the benefits and ease of Epic integration with Scandit high-performance mobile barcode scanning.

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Epic Rover with Scandit tech

Software-based Barcode Scanning for Rover

As an extension to workstation-based barcoding, Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK for Rover facilitates barcoded medication administration (BCMA), using the camera of the mobile device to ensure positive identification of patient, medication, and clinician.

Healthcare professionals increasingly rely on barcode scanning with apps on mobile devices to error-proof critical processes, streamline workflows, and provide higher-quality care for patients. With Scandit’s barcode scanner for Epic Rover, authorized clinical users of Epic’s electronic health record can use accurate, camera-based scanning.

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Scandit: Advancing Healthcare One Mobile Scan at a Time

Not all use-cases shown are currently supported on Epic Rover, talk to your Clindoc representative for more information.

More healthcare professionals than ever rely on barcode-scanning enabled apps on mobile devices to error-proof critical processes, streamline procedures, and provide higher-quality care for patients.

Patient Identity

From the point of admission all the way to being discharged, caregivers can use smart devices equipped with computer vision-enabled apps to quickly identify patients. Any caregiver can identify patients by simply scanning their wristband anywhere in the hospital, connecting the right patient to the right care. Since doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are familiar with mobile apps in their everyday lives, they can easily use healthcare apps to perform patient care-specific tasks. Scandit computer vision adds barcode scanning functionality to any smart device and enables caregivers to scan patient IDs and use augmented reality overlays to see patient information instantly on the device screen.

Patient Identification
scan medication with smartphone

Medication Administration

Healthcare professionals can use barcode scanning-enabled apps on smart devices to scan medication information into a record. Scandit-powered medication administration apps feature augmented reality functionality that enables health care professionals to see critical medication information like expiration dates and patient-specific instructions such as the correct dosage or allergy information. Scandit mobile computer vision can be integrated into any app and enables caregivers to use smart devices to digitalize medication administration and improve patient safety.

Sterile Fluid Collection Bags Tracking

Multiple barcodes on specimens and blood bags can be scanned in one instance to improve efficiency. Clinicians can use smart devices, like smartphones and tablets, enabled with Scandit software to perform blood bag identification.

Blood bag scan multiple barcodes