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Retail Trends Check: What’s New and What To Do

Discover the 5 macro trends that are impacting retail. Find out what they mean for you and get insight into how to adapt to level up the performance of your stores.

Redefining Omnichannel Fashion Retail with Smart Data Capture
Best Practice Guide

What is Retail Digital Transformation?

Explore what digital transformation really means in 2023 and how to transform retail operations at your own pace and improve worker and customer experiences.

Retail Cosmetics Product information
Best Practice Guide

How to Master the Hybrid Store, Fast

Learn ways to implement a hybrid store by combining digital and physical interactions into one seamless omnichannel experience for customers and store associates.

Best Practice Guide

How to Improve the Order Fulfillment Process Using Smart Devices

Discover how smart devices can improve your order fulfillment process with this guide. We cover the key components and examples for improved operational efficiency.


A Scalable Strategy for Holiday Season Success

In this guide we explore how retailers can implement a scalable and cost-efficient strategy for a competitive edge during holiday season.

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What is Cycle Counting in Inventory?

The ultimate guide to cycle counting: types, benefits and how it works. Learn how counting inventory little and often optimizes inventory management.


The Smart Data Capture Manifesto: Capture Value, Not Data

The Smart Data Capture Manifesto: 9 smart data capture principles to unlock the next level of business efficiency, customer and employee experience.

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Solving the 5 Most Tedious Retail Tasks

Even the most tedious tasks are vital to stores running smoothly. Here we look at the steps you can take.

Best Practice Guide

Why Technology Should be at the Heart of Retail Employee Empowerment

This guide looks at the scale of the retail labor shortage and how empowering employees with the right technology can be part of the solution.