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Best Practice Guide

How Grocers Can Lock In Loyalty By Exceeding Expectations

Using loyalty apps powered by smart data capture, create a personalized and informed experience that keeps shoppers coming back for more.

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Optimize Retail Operations with Smart Data Capture

Walk through the best practice we and our customers have learned on how to successfully deploy smartphone scanning for retail staff.

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Best Practice Guide

Enable the In-store Impulse Buy with Technology

In this guide, we give you a few steps that fashion retailers can take to enable that all-important impulse buy.

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Best Practice Guide

Traditional Stores are No More – a Guide to the Hybrid Alternative

Learn seven ways to make the physical store more user-friendly and digital for customers and store associates in the omnichannel age.

Best Practice Guide

Trending Technology to Engage Customers in Fashion Stores

Here we explore the future of the in-store fashion experience by highlighting six key consumer and retail technology trends that will separate the fashion on trends from the fashion faux pas, including some innovative real examples.

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The Future of Fashion In-Store Engagement

Insights into some of the results of our 2022 Future of Fashion In-Store Engagement Report.

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Best Practice Guide

ID Scanning in the Enterprise: Getting Started

Need to ID people quickly and accurately in your business or customer processes? Identity Document (ID) scanning on a mobile app or website is an easy to deploy option.


Choosing the Right Device to Work Smarter

In this guide, Samsung and Scandit explore why ruggedised smartphones, rather than dedicated scanning devices, are a smart move for enterprises.

Best Practice Guide

Outsourcing or Internal Order Fulfillment? Important Considerations

Do you fulfill orders from internal resources or outsource to a third-party? This guide will give you all the insight you need to make that decision.