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Retail worker scanning item
Best Practice Guide

Roadmap to Smart Barcode and ID Scanning

How to choose the smart data capture technology and lead the transformation to overcome barcode and ID scanning technology debt.

Warehouse operative scanning barcodes at scale while maneuvering heavy boxes
Best Practice Guide

What’s Your Scanning Technology Debt?

Legacy barcode scanning and ID checking methods are limited in form and function – leading to a scanning technology debt that grows over time.

Clienteling Augmented Product Information
Best Practice Guide

Create the Future of Assisted Selling Now

Here we’ll examine how equipping fashion store associates with modern smartphones and data capture software creates the future of assisted selling- and highlight the key factors for success.

Fashion Store Shopper
Best Practice Guide

How to Increase Retail Sales with Scandit

Discover how to increase retail sales using Scandit technology with a guide full of concrete results and best practices.

Retail Cosmetics Product information
Best Practice Guide

Tradition Meets Technology: Modernizing Luxury Shopper Journeys

To thrive in this dynamic landscape, luxury brands must understand the nuances of different shoppers and leverage technology to provide desired experiences.

Retail store
Retail Guide

The Omnichannel Odyssey: Strategies for Success

Discover the considerations and paths to success when selecting an omnichannel strategy in retail. Learn how to choose wisely and get results.

retail sparkscan
Best Practice Guide

Mastering the Inventory Balancing Act

Understand the causes, impacts and solutions related to inventory distortion in retail.

Best Practice Guide

Level Up Like a Pro – Lessons from Leading Retailers

Take a look at how leading brands are using Scandit Smart Data Capture to level up the efficiency and effectiveness of their retail operations.

Best Practice Guide

Retail Trends Check: What’s New and What To Do

Discover the 5 macro trends that are impacting retail. Find out what they mean for you and get insight into how to adapt to level up the performance of your stores.

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