Case Studies

Find out how customers are using our products and solutions.

Everli case study
Case Study

Everli - Zero Error BYOD Smartphone Scanning App Simplifies Shopper Experiences

Everli streamlined the in-store order fulfillment process for shoppers who pick and deliver products to customers, by replacing manual product verification with Scandit’s barcode scanning solution integrated in their shopper app.

Case Study

AEON Retail - Ultra-Fast Self-Scanning App Increases Store Sales by 5%

AEON Retail, Japan’s largest retail corporation created a pleasant, gamified shopping experience with their RegiGo app powered by Scandit.

Case Study

Agrippa - Augmented Reality Takes Warehouse Smartphone App to the Next Level

Augmented reality takes warehouse smartphone app to the next level.

Case Study

Shipt - Shipping Groceries From Store to Door With Superfast BYOD Scanning

Delivery company Shipt scales capacity at speed to meet fluctuating demand with super-fast, Scandit-powered barcode scanning mobile app.

Case Study

Supersmart - 5x Faster Processing, Slashes In-store Checkout Wait Times

With Scandit’s fast and accurate scanning engine in the Supersmart app, self-checkouts at its in-store validation stations process five times more customer checkouts hourly compared to regular cashier stations.

Case Study

Wavy - Simplifying Salon Management with Smartphone Scanning App

Wavy upgrades app with enterprise-grade scanning to enable salons to be managed from a smartphone.

Valora using Scandit technology
Case Study

Valora - 24x7 Cashless Convenience With Scandit-Powered Scan‑and‑Go app

Learn how avec offers 24/7 cashless convenience stores with scan-and-go app powered by Scandit.

Coop DK instore
Case Study

Coop DK - Smartphone Scanning Empowers Employees, Engages 1.6M+ Customers

Coop reaches 1.6 million customers and has faster, lower-cost store operations with smartphone scanning.

DM logo in store
Case Study

drogerie markt - Scaling-Up In-store Customer Service With Smartphone Scanning

dmTech boosts customer support with barcode scanning in mobile app for employees.

scan barcode with smartphone
Case Study

Globus CZ - Globus CZ

Superior barcode scanning drives successful mobile self-scanning app adoption at Globus CZ.

guitar collection
Case Study

Guitar Center - Guitar Center

Guitar Center customers scan barcodes using their mobile phones and instantly view product reviews.

metro employee discussing with customer
Case Study

Metro - METRO

METRO uses barcode scanning to display personalized pricing to customers in a mobile app.