Precision Product Tracking With Mobile Scanning-Enabled App

American Woodmark used Scandit’s mobile computer vision enabled barcode scanning technology to help field workers quickly identify and report product quality issues, optimize product tracking and increase customer satisfaction.

Our mobile technology offering to our internal clients is an important part of our service platform. Scandit provides a key piece of technology that enables us to scan our product, thus ensuring accurate data entry, product identification, and ease of use.
Greg Groves, Chief Information Officer, American Woodmark


American Woodmark Corporation (American Woodmark) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of kitchen and bath cabinets for the remodeling and new home construction markets in North America. They sell over 613 cabinet lines in a wide variety of design materials and finishes through a network of independent dealers and distributors, and directly to major builders such as Lowe’s and The Home Depot.

Build an efficient and easy-to-use product identification and tracking mobile app

The company needed an effective method for employees to quickly identify and report product quality issues from the field. With the ubiquity of mobile devices, they developed FieldTrac, a cross-platform mobile app that would help employees to identify products rapidly and report quality assurance details in a short amount of time.

The aim was to build a product tracking application that not only identified products quickly, but was easy to use across multiple platforms. In order to achieve this, American Woodmark needed a barcode scanning tool that could scan many different barcode symbologies. They wanted the application to be versatile enough to work on any platform, while maintaining ease-of-use for users with varied skill-levels to operate.


Integrate robust enterprise-grade barcode scanning into the app

American Woodmark compared all the major cross-platform barcode scanning technology providers as part of their search process. They found Scandit’s solution standing out as the all-in-one, easy to integrate package they were looking for. Integrating the Scandit barcode scanner SDK was simple and straight-forward. They could add the scanning functionality to the FieldTrac app in a short time. Field workers with any skill-level could operate the scanning-enabled app as it is so easy to use.


Fast, efficient product tracking from field workers

Because American Woodmark chose Scandit’s scanning software, they are now able to quickly retrieve details on any product with a simple barcode scan. Using the mobile barcode scanning solution, employees onsite can scan products in any environment – even with damaged barcodes or in a poorly lit environment – ensuring that nothing gets in the way of their reporting.

Over a hundred of the company’s employees now accurately identify a product with a simple scan when reporting a quality issue. As they are able quickly find a job associated with an order, which has improved general worker efficiency across the board. Since its development, FieldTrac has become an integral part of the American Woodmark service platform.

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