CodeCheck is enabling consumers to make informed and sustainable purchase decisions, thanks to Scandit’s reliable, zero error scanning solution in their ingredients checker consumer app. The company is further enhancing user recommendation and customer satisfaction by offering specialized market research services with the accurately scanned data gleaned from the app.

Demanding consumers have completely changed their shopping behavior. They are shopping more consciously. Through the combination of one of the largest German-language product databases with the highly reliable and fast scanning engine by Scandit, we are supporting them with a range of possibilities. The high customer satisfaction and the recommendation rate of the CodeCheck app speak for themselves.
Roman Bleichenbacher, Chief Science Officer and Founder, CodeCheck


Update the CodeCheck app with high-performance scanning solution

CodeCheck is a personal and easy-to-use shopping assistant for healthy and sustainable consumption. The app displays ratings and product recommendations based on the latest scientific research and individual settings through a scan of food or cosmetic barcodes. For customers who want to know, for instance whether the lipstick in the drugstore contains microplastics instead of water-soluble silicon or whether the granola from the organic market is vegan or contains too much sugar. Consumers can use the CodeCheck app to find answers to these questions.

Using their smartphones, users scan the barcode of an item and receive information and expert evaluations regarding ingredients, incompatibilities, and nutritional labeling for food items. The app also shows alternatives to the products that have just been scanned – an especially helpful service when the item in question does not meet the needs of the buyer.

CodeCheck ensures that the most updated product information is always available, relying on reputable experts and data sources, such as the European Commission (CosiIng) and the California Department of Public Health for rating ingredients. If app users notice incorrect, incomplete, or out of date information, they can update it by adding information from the packaging to the app.

“Initially, the company used the scanning software of another provider, but was not quite satisfied with it. Consumers are very critical. They want products that function perfectly,” says Roman Bleichenbacher. So they decided to upgrade the barcode scanning software in their app. 


Accurate smartphone scanning data allows businesses to adapt products to sustainability needs

“After thorough testing, we decided to use the scanning engine developed by Scandit. The software works very quickly and reads barcodes from every angle. It also delivers precise results in unfavorable light conditions, is available for iOS and Android, and even functions smoothly on older smartphones with low-end cameras,” says Roman Bleichenbacher, Chief Science Officer and founder of CodeCheck in Zurich.

The CodeCheck app with the scanning engine developed by Scandit is a central component to providing consumers with comprehensive information. It is easy to use and available in German and English. Users can select the menu item “scan barcode” to capture the product barcode with the smartphone camera. For companies, this accurately scanned data offers an opportunity to have an open dialogue with consumers about ingredients and supply chains, and to adapt their products according to sustainability concerns. CodeCheck is currently developing specialized market research services for these companies under the brand name, Oeeda.


German-speaking consumers actively use the scanning-enabled ingredients checker app.
Over a hundred million scans have been performed to review product information.
Accurately scanned data is enabling CodeCheck to offer additional market research services.

CodeCheck plans to enter the US market with the English beta version of the scanning app. A total of 100 million scans have already been performed with the app, and more than 1.6 million consumers in German-speaking countries use it.

The company is also looking to enhance the app with Scandit’s augmented reality function. Consumers would then be able to scan and decode barcodes of multiple products on a shelf, all at once using Scandit’s MatrixScan function. Then, with Scandit’s augmented reality overlays, they can view products that meet their needs. These features will help users who are looking for a specific product among a variety of similar offerings in a drugstore to find their desired item more quickly. 

The innovative scanning solution locates and decodes all barcodes in a certain area and shows the user the exact products that meets their search criteria. Before a possible rollout, the company is testing the usage scenarios and will adjust the functions offered by Scandit to the CodeCheck app.

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