Scandit mobile computer vision enables mobile wine shopping app users to get product information fast. looks to create a mobile assistant to help people understand wine better

The founder team knew they wanted to be simple enough for novices, but powerful enough for connoisseurs and collectors. The goal has always been to provide a valuable tool for everyone who loves wine.

The ‘must-have’ features of a scanner for this app

Since barcodes on wine bottles can wear over time, the team was looking for a very accurate barcode scanner for their app. Besides accuracy, the scanner needed to support common wine-related barcode formats including UPC/EAN and ITF.

Many wines have long and complex names, and common searches return hundreds of results. Barcode scanning lets users quickly narrow down their search to a particular wine, and sometimes to a particular vintage. It’s a timesaver for users.

Thanks to Scandit, wine aficionados benefit from an integrated scanner

The team found that Scandit had the best price/performance offering, and they recognized that Scandit was still independent enough to be able to work closely with them to meet their special needs.

Since the launch of the app, people interested in wines benefit from a simple tool that helps them enjoy their passion. Whether someone is simply looking for a good bottle of wine in a store or a collector is searching for a rarity, is able to satisfy them all.

Thanks to the integrated Scandit Barcode Scanner, the time users traditionally spent typing was eliminated. Further improvements in accuracy and performance demonstrated the barcode scanner’s reliability and made it indispensable for wine fans.