Cyriac Roeding

CEO of shopkick

Scandit’s technology allows shopkick to reward shoppers just for interacting with products and our partners reap the benefits: a proven increase in sales as a result of product interactions.


Starting Point: Leverage the smartphone to enhance the brick and mortar retail experience

The founding team at Shopkick believes that mobile has become the most important marketing medium for brick and mortar retailers. The smartphone provides a new and unmissable opportunity for retailers to add rewarding, interactive experiences to their stores. The role of stores has changed due to online and mobile shopping, and in this new ecosystem, brick and mortar retailers have to embrace mobile technology as a means of remaining relevant.


Vision: Leverage the Smartphone to Enhance the Brick and Mortar Retail Experience

The goal was to build an app that would reward shoppers for the shopping they already do. The app would also serve to create a communication channel between consumers and brands, which was traditionally impossible.


Solution: In-Store Product Interaction through Camera-Based Barcode Scanning

The addition of a camera-based barcode scanner ensured that shopkick could verify when a consumer actually engaged with a product in-store. This information is incredibly valuable to both brands and retailers – they are now able to recognize that someone has picked up their product and has it in hand.

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