Supersmart provides innovative checkout solutions for retailers in Europe, the US and Latin America. With Scandit’s fast and accurate scanning engine in the Supersmart app, self-checkouts at its in-store validation stations process five times more customer checkouts hourly compared to regular cashier stations. 

Doron Karni
Customers love knowing they have the self-checkout option, and that they are not going to experience additional waiting at the manned kiosk. This fast and seamless shopping enhances the customer experience.
Doron Karni, VP Marketing, Supersmart


Offer next-gen self-scanning with shrinkage minimized

Supersmart’s Loss Prevention system involves customers shopping with a self-scanning mobile app and then placing the basket or shopping cart in a Supersmart validation station.

The validation station combines cameras, sensors and proprietary software to check whether the customer’s items match what was scanned into the app. The system also uses AI machine-learning to assess customers’ regular shopping patterns. Any mismatches are quickly resolved by the staff before the customer pays and leaves.

The quality of the scanning engine in the self-scanning mobile app is a critical success factor. Scanning had to be fast, reliable, frictionless and cost-effective for retailers to install. Additionally, it must work with any model of smartphone used by shoppers.


Integrate unrivaled scanning performance with the Scandit SDK

After reviewing several scanning software options, including open source and commercial solutions, Supersmart chose to deploy Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK into their app. The SDK outperformed all other options in relation to speed and reliability, including handling problematic barcodes such as on torn or worn labels, and in low light or at difficult angles.

Watch how the Scandit-powered system minimizes self-scanning errors at Supersmart.

Other key performance attributes of the Scandit app include: 

  • Snappy scanning: The instantaneous response is critical for good user experiences. Consumers scan products within a fraction of a second.
  • Accuracy: 100% scanning accuracy (in a test of 1,000 scans carried out by a robot)
  • Multi-device compatibility: Works on over 20,000 smartphone models.


Scans processed monthly from Supersmart’s self-scanning app
Shoppers use the mobile app
Faster customer orders processed

Shorter waits, reduced costs and high customer satisfaction

Supersmart rolled-out the Scandit-powered self-scanning system in the US, Brazil, the UK, Portugal, Turkey, Israel, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Retailers deploy Supersmart because it reduces waiting times for customers. Additionally, shoppers using their smartphones instead of dedicated scanners resulted in significant cost savings. Moreover, the validation stations minimize losses from self-checkout errors and shrinkage. 

Barak Abitbol
We tested different scanning engines on different devices in multiple conditions, and Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK stood out. The all-angles scanning, the speed and the immediate recognition of all types of barcodes gave us confidence that Scandit was the right solution for the Supersmart system.
Barak Abitbol, CTO, Supersmart

The quality of Scandit’s scanning performance minimizes errors from self-scanning, reducing mismatches at validation stations. 

  • Excellent feedback from users, with over 80% of app downloads still being used after initial customer sign-up.
  • Supersmart’s checkouts are registering 300,000 transactions monthly, with Scandit regularly processing over 500,000 scans per month. 
  • For several grocery chains, up to 22% of transactions go through Supersmart’s technology (exceeding Supersmart’s goal of 10%).  
  • Without mismatches to resolve, validation takes three seconds, allowing Supersmart to handle five times more customers per hour than a regular cashier and drastically reducing waiting in stores.

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