Yurtici Kargo

Turkey’s largest express delivery company Yurici Kargo uses smart devices equipped with mobile computer vision to help process more than 10 million packages annually.

The Client

Based in Istanbul, Yurtici Kargo is the most prominent provider of express delivery services in Turkey. Yurtici Kargo delivers parcels throughout Turkey and abroad, using its more than 17 regional offices, 33 transfer centers, 842 branches, 4.191 vehicles and over 14.000 employees, located across the country.


Starting Point- Improve Handheld Courier App

Yurtici Kargo previously provided its delivery couriers with an app running on Windows/Android handheld devices. Leveraging the handheld devices’ barcode scanning capabilities, the app let couriers read product barcodes to perform various shipping and receiving tasks, including proof of delivery.

However, couriers found the handheld devices heavy and bulky. Especially when they were already carrying large packages, couriers had difficulty handling the devices. In addition, they were costly to purchase and maintain. While the app itself worked well, Yurtici Kargo wanted to find a platform more conducive to its business needs.


Vision- Replace Handheld Devices with Smartphones

In 2017, Yurtici Kargo decided that migrating from dedicated handheld scanning devices to android smartphones would resolve its courier app issues. Smartphones are much lighter weight than handheld mobile devices.

In addition, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a smartphone is substantially lower than that of a handheld mobile device. Furthermore, couriers were already familiar with smartphones, minimizing the need for training on the new app platform.


Solution- Obtain Enterprise Barcode Scanning Performance with a Smartphone App

Although Yurtici Kargo was capable of developing its own smartphone app, the company had reservations about smartphone scanning performance. Most significantly, there were concerns that smartphone camera-based barcode scanning performance would not equal the results produced by the embedded barcode scanner in its handheld mobile devices.

Initially, Yurtici Kargo tested several open-source freeware mobile barcode scanner SDK solutions. The company determined the scanning performance of these SDKs was unsatisfactory. After finding Scandit as a top result in an online search for mobile barcode scanner SDKs, Yurtici Kargo tested the free Scandit demo app.

Yurtici Kargo used the demo app to scan diminished codes, as well as to scan codes in poor lighting and positioned at various angles. Based on the high level of scanning success in adverse conditions, Yurtici Kargo moved ahead with a full rollout of Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK.


The Results- Increased Efficiency with Decreased Workload

The new courier app provides supply chain traceability and reduces the need for data entry. Proof of delivery can now be confirmed with a barcode scan, eliminating the need for back-office paperwork. Smartphones provide a lightweight, affordable scanning platform with performance equivalent to dedicated handheld devices.

By June 2017, Yurtici Kargo already had about 1,000 couriers using its smartphone app. That month also saw the company reach an annual processing rate of almost 10 million packages using the smartphone app.

Yurtici Kargo was also satisfied with Scandit’s technical support. Scandit enabled the app to support all needed symbologies. Full implementation and deployment was achieved in 30 days, from project start to finish.