Technology is helping delivery drivers around the world. But how many are working without an ID verification solution on their devices?

The answer is a staggering 67%.

This is the number we uncovered when we spoke to over 1,200 delivery drivers around the globe for our delivery driver research report.

Delivery Driver ID Scanning

Despite this drivers are increasingly being asked to carry items that require identity checks like:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Government and legal documents
  • Jewelry

So this guide will not only highlight the opportunities of adding Scandit’s ID Verification software to any device. It will demonstrate how ID scanning can be easily put in the hands of your drivers.

The growing need for ID verification in the last mile

Last mile delivery businesses are increasingly focusing on unlocking and scaling new revenue streams with service diversification.

At the same time, many are set to face capacity constraints from fluctuating e-commerce and parcel volumes.

They must also consider operational cost savings and additions to their current services.

The growth in ID verification software market is a symptom of this. It is expected to rise to US$ 31.95 billion by 2030, from US$ 9.16 billion in 2022.

Key opportunities for secure delivery

Last mile ID verification solution

Opportunity 1: high-value item shipping

E-commerce growth has boosted confidence in the parcel and delivery industry, leading to more high-value shipped items. Carriers such as UPS classify items like musical instruments over $10,000 and jewelry above $3,000 as high-value.

High-value items like jewelry or musical instruments must be securely delivered to the correct customer. Especially as parcel theft is on the rise.

Using any device with ID verification means the driver will always be able to ensure it gets to the right person. Additionally, the item’s location can be easily tracked on the delivery route.

Opportunity 2: pharmaceutical deliveries

The drug delivery market is expected to reach $2.89 trillion by 2032, offering significant opportunities for last mile delivery firms.

Upcoming U.S. regulations by the end of 2024 will mandate pharmaceutical manufacturers and their supply chain partners to adopt a fully electronic system for item-level product traceability.

Medicine more important than packages

Adding Scandit’s ID Verification technology to the driver’s app is a quick way to take advantage of these changes. It can be easily added to any device to provide high-performance ID scanning of various documents.

Importantly, it can play a major role in tracking and traceability of pharmaceutical deliveries.

Reliable proof of delivery is needed to ensure prescription drugs are delivered to the right person. This can also help ensure it arrives on time and uncontaminated for certain controlled medicines.

Opportunity 3: government services in the last mile

Waiting in a Passport Office
Government services like passport delivery have risen from 9% to 19%. For example, it contributes significantly to FedEx’s postal service revenue with $337.3 million from passport applications.

Governments require the right technology for secure and traceable deliveries if a company is to be a trusted partner.

For instance, when delivering a passport, the driver can scan the recipient’s government-issued ID with a Scandit-powered device. The software quickly verifies the identity of the recipient.

All these processes comply with data privacy laws, ensuring that the customer’s personal information is handled securely and data is processed on the device.

Opportunity 4: compliance with regulations like alcohol delivery

Violation Rate StatOnline alcohol sales are predicted to rise 34% between 2021-26, opening an opportunity for delivery firms. So compliance is critical.

A good example of this is the home delivery of alcohol. In the UK and US, it is illegal to deliver alcoholic drinks to minors. Moreover, the delivery driver and company can be deemed legally responsible for giving alcohol to a minor.

An ID check is the only way to cover this if the driver is unsure of the recipient’s age. Scandit can check an ID and instantly inform the delivery driver if they are underage while creating an automated audit trail.
In the US, Scandit has also developed an answer to the minor industry of fake IDs that have sprung up. It can check an ID and validate whether it is fake.

Opportunity 5: identity checking as a service

Putting ID Scanning on a driver’s device opens the door for proof of delivery at the doorstep. However, it can go beyond that and become a separate service – one the sender is prepared to pay for.

To facilitate this, delivery drivers, store associates at PUDO points, and post office workers can verify IDs with the devices they already own.

Fast scanning is particularly important when customers are waiting. This is often the case at PUDO points. Here a store associate can quickly scan the ID within one second.

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Scandit’s edge in ID Verification

Scandit’s ID scanning technology, with its exceptional accuracy, speed, and data security, is tailored for last mile delivery.

It can capture data from over 2000 identity documents worldwide. While all processing is done on device, it is designed to protect personal data.

Integration is simple with Scandit’s well-documented SDK and our Enterprise-Level Success Team supports you from evaluation to operations.

Secure deliveries with Scandit

  • Operational Benefits: Replace manual checks with fast and reliable ID verification to reduce dwell time.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Scandit’s ID Verification technology means that customers can have their ID verified quickly.
  • Risk Mitigation: Any IDs scanned can be recorded for external audit. So your company is protected in the case of compliance.

Some of the last mile companies using Scandit

Last Mile Scandit Customer Logos

The need for reliable ID verification is growing across the board, including high-value item shipping, pharmaceutical deliveries, government services, doorstep identity checking, and regulatory compliance.

Scandit’s ID verification technology can help with this. It puts accuracy, speed, and data security on almost any device. Thus providing drivers with an indispensable tool for delivery operations.

Last mile businesses can meet the increasing demands for secure and verified deliveries and unlock new revenue streams.

What to know how ID verification can fit into your workflows? Then reach out to us here, and our team will get back to you to show you how.