It’s Time to Reveal a Smarter Way to Scan

Did you know that changing the way you scan could lead to a simpler, more productive workplace?

This eye-opening whitepaper from Samsung and Scandit will let you into how replacing standalone scanners with ruggedized smartphones and enterprise-grade smart data capture technology can help your people get more done.

Discover how giving your people smartphones with high performance scanning capabilities can make their jobs easier, boost satisfaction and streamline processes.

“Scanning devices are breaking out of traditional applications. Explore why ruggedised smartphones, rather than dedicated
scanning devices, are a smart move for many.”Choosing the Right Device to Work Smarter, Samsung & Scandit

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The Guide Covers How to:

Enhancing employee effectiveness

Putting productivity into the hands of (happier) employees by using a single smart device versus a dedicated scanner.

Why you won’t sacrifice durability

How cost-effective rugged devices cope with dust, and scorching heat.

Rethink processes with innovation

Leverage advanced scanning technology built for rugged smartphones, enable the flexibility to keep pace with evolving workplaces.