About this Ebook

Data underpins effective retail decision-making – and smart data capture technology is the key to collecting and unlocking great data. This Ebook explores:

  • What it is and how it addresses key macro trends facing retailers today.
  • How smart data capture shifts tedious task to technology for critical workflows and operational processes.
  • Real examples of different ways retailers are benefiting from smart data capture.
guide cover smart data capture in retail

You’ll Learn How Smart Data Capture is
Impacting Retailers and Helping in Key Areas


Empower Frontline Workers

Win the Talent Race with Technology

loyal customers

Win the Customer Loyalty Battle

Add Value to Any Shopping Journey

chart up

Transform Operational Outcomes

Productive, Profitable and Future-proof

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“Scandit Smart Data Capture provided an outstanding improvement in both accuracy and speed compared to alternatives we tried and made sense for future-proofing the business.”Devin Visani, Co-founder and CEO, Weeshop.