Report Part TwoIs Your Last Mile Technology Fit for Purpose?

Global research by Scandit, featuring insight from VDC Research.

Exploring Last Mile Technology in 2021

The last mile is always evolving. In the new, digital post pandemic reality, delivery businesses face many challenges to protect customer satisfaction and profitability. And the technology in your driver’s hands can make or break last mile outcomes.

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Is Your Last Mile Technology Fit for Purpose?

About this Report Series

In spring 2021, we surveyed executives at leading logistics and postal carriers across North America and Europe to learn more about their biggest challenges, technology choices and how it’s performing. Is it fit for purpose to support today’s last mile operations?

This report series is published in two parts. In part two, we cover key trends like BYOD and insights into technology plans in the last mile.

Who took part in the research?
  • 118 key stakeholders from postal, parcel and logistics enterprises.
  • 23 countries across North America and Europe.
  • 7 out of 10 of the largest courier businesses worldwide.

What’s in the Report?

Part two shares key findings, including insights from VDC Research who conducted part of the research.

Combine barcode scanning, OCR and AR

Technology Strategy

Here we looked at the different deployment strategies when it comes to mobilizing the last mile. For example, how widespread is BYOD adoption and is it satisfying expectations?

dynamic innovation

Investment Priorities & Innovation

What are the key technology investment priorities post-pandemic and how important are some advanced technologies impacting the last mile, like Augmented Reality?

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“Our contractors can use their own smartphone, since they assume the responsibility for meeting our delivery standards and expectations.”Research Respondent on BYOD