Instantly Find Items Using AR in Scandit Express

The Find mode in no-code smart data capture app Scandit Express helps frontline workers and customers instantly locate items using AR.

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Find mode scans multiple items simultaneously and highlights the ones needed using an AR overlay. Reduce search time and improve accuracy compared to manual search – all without writing a single line of code.

Items to find can be easily input into the app in whatever way works best for a business. 

  • Scan barcodes directly in the app (for example, a list of barcodes printed on a sheet of paper).
  • Scan a QR code. Anyone can easily generate this QR code from a list of barcodes using the free, online Scandit Express Find Code Generator.
  • Receiving a deeplink through email, SMS or any other messaging app that opens up the Find mode directly, with the items to find pre-populated.