First Class Air Travel Operations at the Airport

In this short video, Scandit Solutions Architect Monika Kedrova, demonstrates how Scandit’s Smart Data Capture solutions can help increase efficiency during airport airline operations.

She walks us through the steps of how Scandit’s technology can assist agents in performing various tasks, from checking-in passengers to finding lost luggage.

One of the key advantages of Scandit’s technology is that any agent can become a mobile agent, helping with check-in, regardless of whether they’re standing at a counter or not. This allows for greater flexibility and speed in serving passengers.

She shows how agents can use the Scandit application to scan ID documents, such as passports and COVID certificates, to ensure that passengers have the correct documents. She also shows how agents can verify boarding passes and provide customer service while checking in passengers.

Scandit’s technology provides the ability to find lost luggage by scanning barcodes on luggage labels and using augmented reality overlays to match the luggage with the passenger.

By streamlining the check-in process and providing greater flexibility for agents, Scandit’s technology helps make the travel experience smoother and easier for passengers and employees.

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