ID Bolt: Make ID Scanning Simple

Add self-serve ID scanning to any website to make manual entry a thing of the past. ID Bolt makes supplying ID information fast and foolproof.

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Make entering identity data manually a thing of the past. ID Bolt makes supplying ID information simple for your customers – and simple for you.

  • Scan ID using any device: Customers can utilize laptops, desktops or mobile devices.
  • Fast, accurate and secure: Quick scan times, 100% accuracy, and safe on-device processing – all in a single second.
  • Foolproof ID scanning UX: Make scanning easy for any user to improve customer experience and compliance.
  • Integrate in a day: Integrate confidently in under a day with pre-tested, easy-to-integrate components.

ID Bolt’s components and user journeys are maintained by Scandit, so you never have to worry about implementation specifics or error management.

ID Bolt is to ID checks what Apple Pay or Google Pay are to online payments. We designed its components to be ready to go in just a few lines of code, the user journey to be foolproof, and its workflows to be built and maintained by us, worry-free.

Use for gathering Advance Passenger Information (API) data, to streamline booking and pickup for car rental, to make online sales of age-restricted goods smoother and easier – and many more use cases.