Supply Chain Visibility With Scandit

Here’s how Scandit improves supply chain visibility and data quality through its advanced smart data capture technology.

For example, you’ll see how receiving in warehouses is monitored by utilizing multi-scanning and augmented reality. So not an item is missed.

It shows how MatrixScan Count, MatrixScan Find and Scandit Express can enable:

  • Goods arriving at the warehouse to be quickly processed.
  • Any device to be transformed into a rugged scanner for efficient two-handed tasks.
  • Reliable scanning under various conditions, including for complex labels and long distances.

Scandit provides a comprehensive solution for optimizing supply chain operations by streamlining receiving, put away, picking, and cross-docking processes. Its innovative features, such as on-device processing and intuitive AR overlays, enable seamless data capture and increased efficiency without needing a WiFi connection.

With Scandit, businesses can improve workflow productivity, reduce errors, and enhance overall supply chain visibility through simple integration and user-friendly scanning technology.