Lightning Learnings: Scandit ShelfView

A Deep Dive into Real-time Shelf Analytics for Pricing and Promotion Accuracy

Scandit ShelfView: An exclusive look under the hood

Scandit ShelfView uses barcode scanning, optical character recognition and augmented reality simultaneously to ensure prices and promotions are updated quickly and accurately.

Hear from Jessica Grisolia and Thibault Priquel as we take a look at the inner workings of ShelfView and explain how it enables real-time shelf analytics.

Watch this 20-minute Lightning Learnings webinar to discover:

  • The impacts of manual and inaccurate pricing and promotion updates
  • What Scandit ShelfView is and how it helps
  • How it provides real-time visual feedback to associates
  • What you get ‘out-of-the-box’, including a cloud backend and analytics dashboard
  • Considerations when deploying ShelfView
  • How it integrates with retail systems

Speak to our experts about how real-time shelf analytics can benefit you.


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