On-Demand Webinar Auchan’s Retail Employee Mobility Program

The Role of Mobile Barcode Scanning

According to Forrester Research, last year 89% of retailers planned to increase their investment in smartphones initiatives.

In this on-demand webinar, hosted by Forrester VP George Lawrie, learn how leading European retailer Auchan used Scandit’s mobile barcode scanning to deliver a very successful employee mobility program across their 360,000 staff, listen to some key insights and hear about their startling results.

Watch this webinar to hear:
  • Industry expert Cornel Crisan who led the mobility project at Auchan, explain how employees with barcode-scanning smartphones achieved major time and cost savings in their retail operations.
  • The details behind HR-led digital transformation program, which automated manual and labor-intensive retail tasks, like shelf management, stock taking and inventory management, using Scandit-powered smartphones.
  • Auchan predict global savings of 11,000 employee hours per day by using Scandit-enabled mobile scanning and a reduction in hardware and maintenance costs by at least 50% with new smartphones.
  • Forrester’s George Lawrie present key research findings on consumer expectations, where retailers are focusing their mobile investment and the effects new tools can have on retail staff.


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